Osaka [Wood craft] OSAKA Karaki Sashimono (Joinery)

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Kansai Osaka
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Fine rarewood cabinetry was introduced to Japan by envoys who visited Tang-dynasty China; hence the name of these woods is “woods of Tang” (karaki) in Japanese. During the Edo era (1600-1868), when foreign entanglements were mostly eschewed, rarewoods entered the country via the port of Nagasaki and were subsequently distributed by a medicine wholesaler in Osaka.
Today, the same rarewoods and traditional techniques are used to produce not only traditional articles but also items suitable for with modern life, including cabinets, tables and boxes. These fine pieces of furniture, which are made of sandalwood and ebony among others, are of long-lasting quality.

OSAKA Karaki Sashimono (Joinery) (details page)

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