Hyogo [Metalwork] BANSHU MIKI Uchihamono (Forged Blades)

Art / Traditional crafts
Kansai Hyogo
Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square
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After the fall of Miki castle toward the end of the Momoyama era (1573-1600), craftsmen from across the country gathered to rebuild the town. Among them were smiths who forged carpentry tools, and their presence led to the development of the local forged blade craft.

By the end of the Edo era (1600-1868), large quantities of forged blades for saws, chisels and planes were being produced in Miki, and the area remains one of Japan’s prominent production centers for bladed tools today. Banshu Miki saws and chisels, in particular, are the envy of the world.

BANSHU MIKI Uchihamono (Forged Blades) (details page)

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