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Kanto Tokyo
8-1-22-1F Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052
3 minutes walk from Aoyama-Icchome station on subway *No parking available.
Business hours
Monday  11:00-19:00
Tuesday  11:00-19:00
Wednesday  11:00-19:00
Thursday  11:00-19:00
Friday  11:00-19:00
Saturday  11:00-19:00
Sunday  11:00-19:00
Closed Day: None (excluding the year-end holiday period)  
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Traditional craft store
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Art / Traditional crafts

A gallery and shop where you can find traditional crafts from all across Japan.
From masterpieces with brilliant techniques to modern products for daily life.
We hope that you find the perfect gift, or something to treat yourself…
First of all, please see, touch and enjoy the crafts.


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  • All kinds of credit cards

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  • Tax-free Shop

  • Brochures in foreign languages

  • Domestic shipping

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  • Facility with sanitizers

  • Sterilized / Ventilated Facility

  • Staff members wearing masks