6 Days to savor Shinshu, Hida Takayama, and Toyama Gourmet & Tourism!

Keio Shinjuku Department Store
Kanto Tokyo
2022-04-23 10:00 - 2022-04-28 16:00
Shinjuku Store, 7th Floor Event Space

Shinshu (信州), Hida Takayama (飛騨高山), and Toyama (富山) are region located in central Japan. They're also known as Nagano, Gifu and Toyama Prefectures. Delicacies from Nagano and Gifu, which are one of the most mountainous regions in Japan, and Toyama, which faces the Sea of Japan, are showcased at Keio Department Store's Event Space on 7th Floor! These delights include soba noodles, Hida Beef, amberjack, and pressed trout sushi among others.

Also, collaboration menus using local ingredients of these regions are available at the Eat-in Corner! Not just delicacies, long-loved traditional crafts will also be showcased. Being able to experience crafts and culture is one of the best parts of this event!

[Event Info]
Shinshu/Hida Takayama/Toyama Food & Tourism Fair
Period: From APR 23 (SAT) to APR 28 (THU) 2022
Hours: 10AM to 8PM
Location: Keio Department Store Shinjuku 7F Event Space
*Closes at 4PM on the last day.
*Last orders at the Eat-in Corner, 1 hour before closing time.

◇◆◇Eat-in Corner◇◆◇

Collab of Shinshu's Soba Noodles & Toyama's Glass Shrimps
[ISHIDAYA Ittetsu]
Glass Shrimps Kakiage & 100% Buckwheat Soba Noodles: 1,650 yen per serving

*Limited to 50 servings per day.
*Available only at Keio Department Store.

Kakiage (a type of tempura) using seasonal glass shrimps. The soba noodles using 100% buckwheat flour are handmade using famous spring water from primeval beech forest. The flavor, aroma and sweetness are outstanding!

Collab of Toyama's Sushi & Hida Takayam's Red Turnip
[Himi Kito Kito Sushi]
◇Red Turnip: 100 yen per plate

*Limited to 100 plates per day.
*Available only at Keio Department Store.
◇Nizirizushi: available from 160 yen per plate
◇Crab Shell Sushi: 580 yen per plate

*Limited to 30 plates per day.

Carefully selected sushi ingredients are fresh fish from Toyama Bay and Toyama's Koshihikari Rice is used for sushi rice. A collaboration sushi using Hida Takayama's red turnip is also recommended.

Collab of Hida Takayama's Takayama Ramen & Shinshu's Nozawana
Keio-Limited Hida Takayama Ramen: 950 yen per serving

*Limited to 50 servings per day.
*Available only at Keio Department Store.

The thin curly noodles match so well with the flavorful soup made mainly of chicken stock, as well as pork, vegetables, and fish. This ramen topped with Nagano Prefecture's nozawana vegetables is a Keio-limited menu.

3 Kinds of Sake Comparison Set: 800 yen

[Set Includes]
Shinshu: Iwanami Junmai Ginjo Summer Sake
Hida Takayama: MIYAMAGIKU Junmai Ginjo
Toyama: Maboroshi-no-Taki Okuhikyo Daiginjo
*SAKE BAR opens from 11:00AM.
*People under the legal age of 20 are not allowed to drink alcohol by Japanese law.
How about comparing flavors of sake from Shinshu, Hida Takayama, and Toyama at the Eat-in Corner?


Shinshu or Nagano Prefecture is also known as "the roof of Japan" due to its series of mountains of 3,000m class. Its rich forests and clear water nurtured by these mountains provide us with many blessings. Flavorful gourmet including soba noodles, Nozawana vegetables, and Goheimochi (savory grilled mochi snack) can be enjoyed in this region.

Pickled Nozawana (200g): 432 yen

Nozawana is said to be a vegetable that has been cultivated in the Shinetsu area, especially in Nozawaonsen Village of Shimotakai County Nagono Prefecture. Pickled nozawana is considered as a preserve food for winter.

Shinshu Beef Roast Beef & Steak Bento: 2,300 yen per box

A luxurious bento filled with roast beef and steak using Shinshu Beef, which is known for its tenderness, sweet flavor, and mellow aroma.

Sanzoku-yaki: 972 yen per piece

"Sanzoku-yaki (山賊焼き)" is a soul food of Nagano. A large piece of chicken marinated in sauce and deep-fried.

[Kiso Narajuku Kimura]
Goheimochi: 194 yen each

"Goheimochi (五平餅)” is a traditional food enjoyed mainly in the mountainous regions Nagano, Gifu, and Toayama. Savory sauce often made from soy sauce or miso is spread over mochi and grilled.

CREAM OF THE KING (sweet bread w/custard cream): 405 yen each

[Obuse Rikka Seizou]
Kurifuku: 302 yen per piece

*Limited to 5 pieces per customer.
Chestnut paste made only of chestnuts and a whole chestnut are filled inside fluffy sponge cake.

◇◆◇Hida Takayama◇◆◇

Hida Takayama is also known as "the little Kyoto of Gifu Prefecture." Exciting, delicious gourmet such as Hida Beef, Takayama Ramen, "Houba Miso" (miso baked on Magnolia leaves), etc. can be enjoyed! Takayama Festival which is held in spring and autumn every year, is one of the three major Hikiyama (floats) festivals in Japan.

[Wakamiya Shokuhin]
Pickled Red Turnips (220g): 450 yen

Red turnips are washed using spring water and deeply pickled.

Hida Beef Shigure Sushi Bento: 1,500 yen per box

Sushi bento letting us enjoy Hida Beef in 2 different ways: shigureni (しぐれ煮/savory simmered beef) and roast beef. Enjoy roast beef with wasabi & soy sauce!

Mitarashi Dango (5 skewers): 550 yen

"Akebonoya (あけぼのや)" is a long-established snack shop that has been using its secret recipe since its establishment. The savory soy based sauce is a representative flavor of the Hida Region.

[Hida Yamamiya]
Kurumi Yose: 1,080 yen (smooth red bean paste×4 pieces, matcha au lait×4 pieces, total of 8 pieces)

Japanese refined flavor confectionery using sweet bean paste and savory walnuts!

[Hida Takayama/Takayama Green Hotel]
①<Utsuboya>Black Sugar & Soy Bean Flour (60g), Mitarashi Beans (30g), Mishima Beans (50g): 497 yen each
②Ryokutei Houba Miso (80g×2 packets): 615 yen
③Hida Beef Crackers (14 pieces): 1,296 yen


Toyama Prefecture which faces the Sea of Japan, is well known for seafood including glass shrimps, Japanese amberjack, and firefly squids. Also, it's one of the heaviest snowfall regions in Japan. The Tateyama Alpine Route, usually opened in April, is a popular tourist attraction for its high snow walls which are made by clearing snow.

Single-layer Trout Sushi (400g): 1,800 yen per box

Pressed sushi made with moderately fatty trout and slightly sweet sushi rice. Each piece is softly pressed by hand.

Pickled Firefly Squid(180g): 1,080 yen

Whole firefly squids pickled. Especially recommended for those who love alcohol!

Japanese Radish Sushi<Japanese amberjack>(100g): 1,080 yen

Japanese amberjack is sandwiched between Japanese radish and fermented with malt. It's a local dish of the Toyama Prefecture.

[Wagashi Denpudo]
Chocolate Yokan Furyu Tsukikaze (w/orange peel, 650g): 2,300 yen

Glass Shrimp Crackers (10 pieces per pack): 540 yen

◇◆◇Traditional Crafts◇◆◇

[Shinshu/Kuno Glass]
Glass Set (D6cm×H10cm): 13,200 yen

*1 set only.

[Hida Takayama/Takayama City Sangyo Shinko Kyokai]
Sarubobo (15cm): 990 yen each

*5 dolls available for each color.
"Sarubobo (さるぼぼ)" is a traditional doll from Gifu Prefecture Hida Region resembling baby monkeys. Those are charms for safe childbirth, happy marriage, and healthy growth of children.

[Toyama/Ootera Kohachiro]
Mini Chinese Zodiac Set: 65,450 yen
(each animal is approx. 3~4cm large, comes with a board)
*Limited to 10 sets.
Small yet in precise detail! Made by lost-wax bronze casting.

From Shinjuku, you can access to Shinshu, Hida Takayama, and Toyama by taking the expressway bus, so it might be fun taking a few days to visit those areas!

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