To all sweet bean fans!

Keio Shinjuku Department Store
Kanto Tokyo
2022-01-07 10:00 - 2022-01-20 17:00
7F Event Space・4F Special Event Space

Our Ekiben Fair isn't just all about train station bento...but also about delicious desserts from all over Japan! Here are some desserts using "Anko (あんこ)" or sweet beans! All available at our Event Space on 7th floor!


[Miyazaki Pref./Ajinokuraya]
Karaimo Dango (6 pieces): 840 yen

"Karaimo Dango" (からいも団子) is sweet potato treat from Miyazaki Prefecture. Sweet bean paste is wrapped inside pounded mochi rice cake mixed with sweet potato paste. It's covered with plenty of kinako (roasted soy bean flour).


[Fukuoka Pref./Kasanoya]
Umegaemochi (5 pieces per pack): 650 yen

"Umegaemochi" (梅ヶ枝餅) is a mochi pocket with sweet bean filling inside. It's a local specialty from Fukuoka Prefecture.


[Hiroshima Pref./Nishikido]
Nama Momiji Manjyu: 130 yen each

"Momiji Manjyu" (もみじまんじゅう) is momiji (maple) shaped, soft moist cake with sweet bean paste filling. It's a local sweet from Hitoshima Prefecture. Mashed sweet bean paste, smooth bean paste, and even matcha green tea paste are available!

増田の小城羊羹 昔風手造り

[Saga Pref./Masuda Youkan Honpo]
Masuda Old Fashion Yokan: 756 yen each

Many of you may already be familiar with "Yokan" (羊羹). It's thick jelly often made from sweet beans. These yokan in the pic are hard on the outside with sugar but soft inside. Flavors include sweet beans, matcha green tea, and chestnut.


[Mie Pref./Akafuku]
Akafuku Mochi: (8 pieces) 760 yen, (12 pieces) 1,100 yen

"Akafuku Mochi" (赤福餅) is a Japanese confectionery with mochi (pounded rice cake) wrapped beautifully inside smooth red bean paste. The outer bean paste is light in flavor and the mochi inside is soft.

Let's fully enjoy anko desserts♪♬

[Event Info]
Ekiben & Japanese Local Gourmet Fair
From JAN 7 (FRI) to JAN 20 (THU) 2022
10AM to 8PM
7F Event Space & 4F Special Event Space
*Closes at 5PM on final day.


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