Japanese Craft Gin TOGEDAMA --NIPPON OMIYAGE AWARD Japan Shopping Tourism Association Award


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Kanto Saitama
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Japanese Craft Gin TOGEDAMA -- NIPPON OMIYAGE AWARD Japan Shopping Tourism Association Award

700ml--4,950 yen

Japanese Craft Gin TOGEDAMA has a strong backbone and soft mouthfeel with the freshness of juniper berries and the gorgeous aroma and sweetness of Ogose-produced yuzu and Kawagoe tea.

We grow about 130 juniper berries, cinnabar, sansho, yuzu, and tea in the satoyama behind the Musashino distillery. The botanicals were selected and developed with the goal of producing a craft gin that is made with 100% Satoyama botanicals in 10 years.

Matsuzaki co., ltd.  Musashino Distillery

547 Nakafuku, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture

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