\Kyushu Gourmet & Crafts Fair starts from MAR 11 (FRI)!/

Keio Department Store Shinjuku
Kanto Tokyo
2022-03-11 10:00 - 2022-02-17 16:00
Shinjuku Store 7F Event Space

Kyushu region (southwest Japan) is famous for having lots of delicious food! From such an attractive area, popular local food and traditional confectionery will gather at Keio Department Store's Event Space on 7th Floor! Also, there will be an Eat-in Corner serving freshly cooked dishes from famous stores that can usually be tried only in Kyushu. Let's take a look at some of the mouth-watering food that will be appearing!

[Event Detail]
Kyushu Gourmet & Crafts Fair
Period: From MAR 11 (FRI) to MAR 17 (THU) 2022
Hours: 10AM to 8PM
Location: Keio Department Store Shinjuku 7F Event Space
*Closes at 4PM on the last day.
*Last order at the Eat-in Corner is 1 hour before closing time.


Keio Limited Mohikan Ramen

<Eat-in Corner>
[Fukuoka Pref./Mohikan Ramen]
Keio Limited Mohikan Ramen: 880 yen per serving

*Available only at Keio Department Store.
The light yet flavorful soup is made by deeply simmering pork bones. Such a great match with the extra-thin noodles!


Grilled Beef Rice Bowl w/3 Kinds of Oita Wagyu Beef

<Eat-in Corner>
[Oita Pref./GINZANTEI]
Grilled Beef Rice Bowl w/3 Kinds of Oita Wagyu Beef: 1,980 yen per serving

*Available only at Keio Department Store.
*Limited to 50 servings per day.
Japanese beef that melts inside your mouth! Enjoy comparing flavors of different cuts of meat!


Hita Yakisoba w/Char Siu Pork

<Eat-in Corner>
[Oita Pref./MANTENROU]
Hita Yakisoba w/Char Siu Pork: 800 yen per serving

*Available only at Keio Department Store.
*Limited to 30 servings per day.
Homemade noodles stir fried with savory special sauce. As a Keio limited menu, it's topped with MANTENROU's signature char siu pork!


Keio Special Shirokuma w/Mango & Grapefruit

<Eat-in Corner>
[Kagoshima Pref./Tenmonkan Mujyaki]
Keio Special Shirokuma w/Mango & Grapefruit: 1,100 yen per serving

*Available only at Keio Department Store.
*Limited to 50 servings per day.
Shirokuma (shaved ice meaning "polar bear") topped with plenty of fruit including juicy mango and grapefruit!


Original Karaage

[Oita Pref./KICHIGO]
Original Karaage: 432 yen per 100g

Fresh chicken is marinated in a soy sauce based special sauce and fried crispy!


Madako Karaage

[Oita Pref./Oita Himeshima]
Madako Karaage: 864 yen per 100g

Fried Madako octopus. Firm, chewy, and flavorful!


Motsunabe Soy Sauce Flavor

[Fukuoka Pref./HAKATA Suitouto]
Motsunabe Soy Sauce Flavor: 3,240 yen

Includes: beef small intestine (150g), beef maruchou (small intestine formed in round shape, 150g), Champon noodles (160g×1), serves for 2

"Motsunabe" (もつ鍋) is a hot pot dish from Fukuoka Prefecture. Cabbage, leek, garlic, red chili peppers, and motsu (giblets) of beef are cooked in savory soup flavored with soy sauce, miso, or salt.
HAKATA Suitouto's motsunabe soup is flavored with slightly sweet soy sauce which is unique to the Kyushu area. Its clean taste goes so well with the beef intestines! Be sure not to cook the Champon noodles in the beginning, because they're used to cook with the left over soup after finishing the hot pot! Noodles w/soup packed with beef flavor…DELISH!



[Kumamoto Pref./Mori Karashirenkon]
Karashirenkon: 1,296 yen per pack

"Karashirenkon" (からし蓮根) is a local dish of Kumamoto Prefecture. It's made by stuffing Karashi Miso (miso paste mixed with Japanese mustard) into the holes of boiled lotus root, dipping in batter, and finally deep-frying. You will love the pleasant crispy texture and piquant flavor!



[Fukuoka Pref./MEIGETSUDO]
HAKATA TORIMON (5 pieces per package): 621 yen

Moist, slightly sweet white bean pasted wrapped inside dough with milky scent.



[Kagoshima Pref./Richemont Matsumoto]
Karukan: 200 yen per piece

(Flavors: Japanese yam, Purple Japanese yam)
"Karukan" (かるかん) is a fluffy, moist steamed cake made from Japanese yam. It's a local confectionery that has been loved in the Kyushu area for more than 300 years! (Most popular in Kagoshima Prefecture!)



[Saga Pref./KITAJIMA]
Marubolo (10 pieces): 864 yen

"Marubolo" (丸芳露) is a famous confectionery from Saga Prefecture. It's said that it was brought in to Kyushu by Portuguese missionaries during the mid-16th century. KITAJIMA's Marubolo is made from simple ingredients including flour, sugar, and eggs. The flavor of each ingredient is brought out to the fullest to create a mild sweet taste!


Karaimo Dango

[Miyazaki Pref./Ajinokuraya]
Karaimo Dango (6 pieces): 840 yen

"Karaimo Dango" (からいも団子) is freshly pounded rice cake mixed with steamed sweet potato and filled with slightly sweet red bean paste. It's covered with plenty of roasted soybean flour! All of the ingredients are in perfect harmony!

Let's fully enjoy Kyushu gourmet!!

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