Keio Shinjuku Department Store
Kanto Tokyo
2022-09-06 10:00 - 2022-09-19 20:00
7F Event Space

"Hokkaido Food Fair" is one of Keio Department Store's popular food event! This 2-week event is held twice a year, in spring (early-April) and autumn (early-September). And this autumn, it will start from Tuesday, September 6th! Enjoy Hokkaido's rich food culture while in Tokyo♬

This year's highlight is "Sweets Paradise Collection"♥ Desserts made with plenty of milk, cheese, whipped cream, and butter, which are all essential for Hokkaido desserts, will show up at the event! Also, if you're a big fan of seafood or meat, don't miss out "Luxurious Bento Collection"! If you want to try freshly prepared gourmet, check out our Eat-in Corner! Weekly menus of ramen and seafood dishes will be served. Here are some of the food that will be available at our event.

[Event Info]
Hokkaido Food Fair, Autumn
Event Period: From SEPT 6 (TUE) to SEPT 19 (SUN) 2022
Hours: 10AM to 8PM
Location: Keio Department Store Shinjuku 7F Event Space
*SEPT 12 (MON) and last day close at 5PM.

Rediscover the delicious taste of milk and dairy products!
Sweets Paradise Collection"

Toromage: 2,052 yen each
👉Hokkaido cream cheese, Hokkaido mascarpone cheese, and cheese dice added to finish. Baked cheesecake made from 3 different kinds of cheese and Hokkaido whipped cream😋

[Sapporo/Sapporo Agricultural College]
Sapporo Agricultural College Premium<Hokkaido Butter & Tokachi Red Beans>(5 pieces): 1,350 yen

👉Sandwich cookies with butter cream and Tokachi red beans. This is a special version of "Sapporo Agricultural School Premium", which is a limited product only sold at Hokkaido's New Tokachi Airport😍

Shiroi Koibito Shake
White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate: 500 yen per serving
Berry: 600 yen per serving

👉"Shiroi Koibito Soft-serve Ice Cream" turned into a shake! Berry flavor with refreshing sauce which enhances the sweetness, is also available😍

[Sapporo/milk san]
Soft Serve Ice Cream from Different Ranches (3 kinds): 990 yen

*Available until SEPT 12 (MON).
👉Choose 3 different soft serve ice cream from selected Hokkaido ranches. Enjoy the taste of milk filled with the thoughts of dairy farmers😋

[Hakodate/Hakodate Shinori]
Cantaloupe Cake w/Cream: 400 yen/100g

*Available until SEPT 12 (MON).
👉Whipped cream with cream cheese blended inside, is sandwiched between moist cake made of Hokkaido melon juice😋

So filling! "Luxurious Bento Collection"

[Oshamambe/Hamagata Suisan]
Funka Bay Bento: 2,700 yen per box

*Limited to 100 boxes per day.
👉A variety of luxurious ingredients such as spot prawn, scallops, sea urchin and crab😋

[Akkeshi/Ujiie Machiaijyo]
Goukai! Mori Mori Kakimeshi: 2,180 yen per box

*Limited to 50 boxes per day.
👉A bento filled with 3.5 times more Shiriuchi oysters compared to the regular version. In addition, scallops, clams, and whelks are filled to the brim😋 "Goukai! Mori Mori Kakimeshi" means "Dynamic! Bento filled with plenty of oysters!"

[Asahikawa/Asahikawa Station Tachiuri Shokai]
Spot Prawn & Hair Crab Gokai Bento: 3,240 yen per box

*Limited to 50 boxes per day.
👉A luxurious bento with plump spot prawn, delicately sweet hair crab, scallops, and sea urchin. This is the first time selling outside of Hokkaido!

[Nakagawa/Michinoeki Nakagawa]
Japanese Black Beef & Hokkaido Beef Steak Bento: 2,700 yen per box
*Limited to 50 boxes per day.
👉Compare 2 different steaks: marbled black beef with fine texture and Hokkaido beef😋

[Sapporo/Oniku no Tsubo]
Hokkaido Shiraoi City PIRKA ROUGE Black Beef Steak & Sea Urchin Rice<wasabi sauce>: 2,894 yen per box

*Available from SEPT 13 (TUE).
*Limited to 50 boxes per day.
👉Tenderly grilled Shiraoi Wagyu with rich flavor is served over sea urchin rice with rich aroma😍 A bento that lets you enjoy delicacies of both mountain and sea all at once😋

Japanese Black Beef & Tokachi Beef & Hokkaido Scallop Bento: 2,700 yen per box
*Limited to 50 boxes per day.
👉A colorful bento filled with flavorful Japanese black beef steak and hamburger steak, corn, and asparagus😋

Popular ramen shop and seafood shop appear weekly!
Eat-in Corner!

*Last order time is 1 hour before closing time.

[Sapporo/RAMEN RS KAI]
RS Ramen with 3 Kinds of Meat: 1,250 yen per serving

*Available until SEPT 12 (MON). Limited to 200 servings per day.
👉Flavorful miso soup made from dried sardine broth, which matches well with sansho pepper and ginger. Rich yet light flavor makes this ramen popular among all generations.

[Sapporo/Sushi-dokoro Tatsutoshi]
Hokkaido Blue King Crab & Salmon Roe Mini Bowl: 4,180 yen per serving

*Available until SEPT 12 (MON). Limited to 50 servings per day.
👉An assortment of 7 different sushi including fatty Hokkaido rockfish, Matsukawa flounder, and pumpkin ball-shaped sushi. Comes with a mini rice bowl of Hokkaido blue king crab and salmon roe.

[Sapporo/Garyu Menbu Hienn]
Garyu Menbu Shibikara Miso Ramen: 1,100 yen per serving

*Available from SEPT 13 (TUE). Limited to 100 servings per day.
👉A bowl that lets you enjoy both numb and spicy flavor by adding sansho pepper and Hienn's original spice to miso. It is also sold in limited quantities at the main store and is so popular that it sells out in an instant.

[Sapporo/Sushi Tatsuki]
Seafood Parfait & Ezo Sushi: 4,510 yen per serving

*Available from SEPT 13 (TUE). Limited to 50 servings per day.
👉An assortment of 8 different sushi including rare Hokkaido red scallop and striped red shrimp. Comes with a seafood parfait of snow crab and blue king crab. Not only flavorful, but also visually pleasing.

Whether you've been to Hokkaido or not, you can enjoy the feeling of visiting Hokkaido in Tokyo♬♬ Even if you can't make it to our Hokkaido Food Fair this time, it's an annual event so please come visit sometime in the future. Keio Department Store is located right above Shinjuku Station, so it's very easy to access too!

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