Tokyo Food Event|KYOTO Fair

Keio Department Store Shinjuku
Kanto Tokyo
2022-05-19 10:00 - 2022-05-24 17:00
Shinjuku Store, 7F Event Space

When speaking of Japan, we can't forget KYOTO⛩ I bet almost everyone who has visited Japan before has also visited Kyoto. Or if you're planning to visit Japan post-COVID, you might have Kyoto in your must-visit destination list.

From May 19 (THU), delicious, beautiful food and crafts from Kyoto will gather at Keio Department Store's Event Space! I haven't visited Kyoto for approx. 2 years now and really miss Kyoto, so I'm really happy to have the opportunity to enjoy food and crafts of such beautiful place ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

Today we'll take a quick look at some of the items that will be appearing! Enjoy the beautiful presentation of each food and detailed design of various crafts.

[Event Info]

Event Period: From MAY 19 (THU) to MAY 24 (TUE) 2022
Hours: 10AM to 8PM
Location: Keio Department Store 7F Event Space
*Last day closes at 5PM.
*Last order at the Eat-in Corner is 1 hour before closing time.


〈Eat-in Corner〉
Nishin Soba: 1,210 yen per serving

WOW! Take a look at this! Dried herring simmered with salty-sweet sauce is served over delicate dashi soup and soba noodles. A proud dish from a long-established restaurant that invented nishin soba.

〈Eat-in Corner〉
Coffee "Arabian Pearl": 650 yen per cup
Matcha Roll Cake with Domyoji & Candied Beans: 600 yen per piece
(Take-out: 590 yen)

"Matcha" or "Japanese tea" might be one of the first things that come to your mind when speaking of Kyoto. However, Kyoto actually has a high coffee consumption in Japan! At our Eat-in Corner, you can enjoy matcha & cream roll cake with deep brew coffee.

[Takanoya Sadahiro]
Assorted Kyoto Hannamagashi of Your Choice (12 pieces per box): 972 yen

So adorable! Choose 12 different confections of your choice from a wide selection of "Hannamagashi" expressing seasonal beauties of nature. By the way, "Hannamagashi (半生菓子)" are Japanese confectionery that have a moisture content of 10% to 30%.

Amino Specialty Barazushi: 1,026 yen per box

Look at this beautiful presentation. This is Kyoto's local sushi called "Barazushi (ばらずし)." Grilled mackerel crumbles and sushi vinegar rice are stacked up to 2 layers and garnished with colorful ingredients.

Gion-no-Aji: 2,808 yen per box
*Limited to 30 boxes per day.

An assortment of Kyoto's representative sushi including Izuu's signature mackerel sushi, grilled conger eel sushi, and sea bream & yuzu citrus sushi wrapped in bamboo leaf.

Kyobento Early Summer Irodori Gozen: 3,240 yen per box
*Limited to 30 boxes per day. Keio-limited.

A bento box filled with seasonal and Kyoto ingredients such as eel, octopus, whelk, and Manganji pepper.

Touji Yuba (5 pieces per pack): 1,404 yen

Fried tofu skin roll with lily bulb, wood ear mushroom, and gingko nut inside. Personally, I really want to purchase this one! Cooking with dashi broth, putting them inside hot pot dishes, serving them in osuimono (clear soup), etc. I just can't wait to cook them!

Japanese Beef Sukiyaki & Egg Sandwich: 1,080 yen per pack
*Limited to 50 packs per day.

These egg sandwiches might be a bit different from the ones you see at Japanese convenience stores. Instead of egg mayonnaise salad, Japanese-style omelet is sandwiched inside. A very good match of Japanese beef deeply simmered with sweet-salty sukiyaki sauce and Japanese egg omelet.

Wild Sea Bream Kobujime & Goma-ae Bento: 1,944 yen per box
*Limited to 30 boxes per day.

A bento box with sea bream in 2 different flavors: refreshing kobujime (cured with kelp) and sesame sauce.

Hirousu (5 pieces): 1,080 yen

One of the must-try dishes if you love TOFU! "Hirousu (ひろうす)" is a tofu dish made by mixing mashed tofu and finely chopped vegetables together and deep frying. While it's called "Hirousu" in western Japan, it's called "Ganmodoki (がんもどき)" in eastern Japan.

Irodori Chirashi & Saikyo-yaki Bento: 2,160 yen per box
*Limited to 20 boxes per day.

Double layer bento box with chirashizushi (scattered sushi) using bamboo shoot and nanohana (canola flower), sable fish and salmon grilled with Saikyo miso.

Yuba Roll: 313 yen per roll

Japanese fish cake wrapped with yuba (tofu skin).

〈Eat-in Corner〉
Hydrangea Parfait: 1,100 yen per cup

A luxurious parfait consisting of agar jelly inspired by hydrangea, BUNNOSUKE-CHAYA's signature matcha warabimochi (chewy sweet made from bracken starch), and matcha soft-served ice cream.

Dried Persimmon, Walnut & Fig Mille-Feuille: 540 yen each
*Limited to 150 pieces per day.

Dried Japanese persimmon and semi-dried Japanese fig are sandwiched with 2 different chocolates.


(top left) Incense Bag (large size, 6cm): 990 yen each

(bottom right) Kaori-no-Tobira (5 assorted incense, 4 sticks each): 1,320 yen each
*Limited to 30 sets.

Incense bag with luxurious scent and assorted incense "Kaori-no-Tobira (香りのとびら)", recommended for incense beginners because the ashes don't scatter.
*Colors and patterns of the incense bags in the photo are examples.

Tsumami Flower Kanzashi (9×22cm): 8,800 yen
*Limited to 3 ornaments.

A hair ornament designed in traditional "tsumamizaiku (つまみ細工)" or pinched fabric craft. This will go great with kimono.

[Lacquerware ASOBE]
Candy Container (left) Black Violet, (right) Vermilion Oak Leaf: 49,500 yen each
(D10×9.5cm, Wooden, lacquered, Kyoto Makie craft)
*One-off items.

The beauty of lacquered surface and the delicate Makie pattern stand out.
*"Makie (蒔絵)" is a drawing technique used on lacquerware. Patterns are drawn using lacquer on the lacquerware surface and metal powders (i.e. gold, silver) are powdered over the lacquer before drying.

[Yamanaka Gato]
Small Plates with Choju-Giga Pattern: 22,000 yen
(14.5×10×1.5cm, 5 plates set)
*Limited to 5 sets.

"Choju-Giga (鳥獣戯画)" is a famous, popular cartoon that was drawn in the 12th century. The dynamic movements and humorous expressions of the anthropomorphic rabbits and frogs are very attractive. These plates with Chozu-Giga designs are structured a bit deep and can be stacked compactly.

Enjoy Kyoto in Tokyo♬

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