Tokyo Food Event|Savor Mie/Wakayama/Aichi Food at Keio Department Store!

Keio Department Store Shinjuku
Kanto Tokyo
2022-05-12 10:00 - 2022-05-17 17:00
Shinjuku Store 7F Event Space

😋Time to savor delicious food from Mie, Wakayama, and Aichi! These 3 prefectures located in the center of Japan, are great travel destinations to learn deeply about Japanese culture and history👍

Mie (三重県): Well-known for ninjas and Ise Grand Shrine, which has been a popular destination among Japanese since the Edo Period (1600-1800s). Mie has so many local dishes such as Ise udon noodles, Akafuku mochi, uiro (steamed cake), tenmusu (rice ball w/shrimp tempura), etc.😍😍

Wakayama (和歌山県): Famous for Koyasan, a large Buddhist temple settlement. Wakayama's meharisushi (rice ball wrapped in Takana leaf) is simply delicious😋🍙

Aichi (愛知県): A must-visit place if you love samurai warriors (the birthplace of several famous samurais) and Japanese castles! Fried tebasaki chicken wings are not to be missed!🍗🍗

Today, we'll be sharing some of the food that will be showing up😋 Other than food, traditional crafts will also be available!

[Event Info]

Mie/Wakayama/Aichi Food & Tourism Fair
Event Period: From MAY 12 (THU) to MAY 17 (TUE) 2022
Hours: 10AM to 8PM
Location: Keio Department Store 7F Event Space
*Last day closes at 5PM.
*Last order at the Eat-in Corner is 1 hour before closing time.

〈Eat-in Corner〉
[Mie/KAIDA Noodle Factory]
Ise Udon with Matsusaka Beef & Grated Ise Yam: 990 yen per serving
*Limited to 50 servings per day. Keio-limited.

"Ise Udon (伊勢うどん)", a local gourmet of Ise City in Mie Prefecture, is a bowl of of thick, soft noodles flavored with salty-sweet sauce. Compared to regular udon noodles, they're very soft! This Ise udon topped with Matsusaka Beef and grated potato yam is a Keio-limited menu.

〈Eat-in Corner〉
[Aichi/Seafood Restaurant MARUHA]
🍣Nigirizushi: available from 160 yen per plate

Sushi using fresh seafood including Ise Tuna fished from nearby sea.

〈Eat-in Corner〉
[Wakayama/Chuuka Soba Marutaya]
🍜Keio-Limited Special Chuuka Soba with Flavored Egg: 1,200 yen per serving

*Limited to 50 servings per day. Keio-limited.

Ramen noodles with flavored egg marinated overnight in a special sauce flavored with bonito and soy sauce from a long-established soy sauce shop in Wakayama Prefecture, the birthplace of soy sauce.

🍤Owase Shrimp Tenmusu bento Box: 1,296 yen per box

What's on top of these rice balls??? SHRIMP TEMPURA🍤🍤🍤 These rice balls named "Tenmusu (天むす)" have savory fried shrimps on top instead of having fillings inside😆🍙🍙 The tempura on top of these rice balls use precious Owase shrimps. Also, the rice balls are made from Mie Prefecture's Iga Rice cooked with bonito soup stock😋

[Mie/Mie Owase Kuki]
🍱Unaju with Unagi Rolled Omelet: 2,160 yen per box

So irresistible for everyone who loves unagi (eel)!!! A bento box filled with soft, savory grilled Japanese unagi and fluffy rolled dashi omelet with unagi inside😋

🍣Tekone-zushi: 1,296 yen per box

Other than nigirizushi (this one→🍣), there are several kinds of local sushi in Japan! This local sushi from Mie Prefecture is called "Tekone-zushi (手こね寿司)", and slices of bonito or tuna marinated with soy sauce based sauce are used. This tekone-zushi has fresh slices of marinated bonito over vinegar sushi rice🐟🐟🐟

🍙Mehari-sushi: 756 yen
(picked plum×1, salmon×1, takana×1, total of 3 rice balls per pack)

What are wrapped around these rice balls??? PICKLED TAKANA LEAVES🌿 These rice balls are called "Mehari-sushi (めはりすし)", a local food from Wakayama Prefecture. Simple yet delicious...the rice ball has a little salty accent transferred from the pickled takana leaf😋

[Mie/Toraya Uiro]
🌰Ise Tea & Chestnut Uiro (300g per bar): 700 yen

Looks so similar to yokan (red bean jelly), but it's not yokan! It's a Japanese traditional confectionery called "Uiro (ういろう)." Its recipe and texture are completely different from yokan! While yokan is made by hardening red beans with agar, uiro is made by steaming rice flour and flavored with white sugar, brown sugar, matcha, sakura, etc. Firm & chewy texture😋

🍗Nagoya Cochin Fried Chicken Wings: 540 yen/100g

These will go so great with soda or beer! Juicy, flavorful fried chicken wings using "Nagoya Cochin" a.k.a. the King of Chicken😋

[Aichi/Kiyomemochi Souhonke]
😋Kiyomemochi (5 pieces): 750 yen

Japanese confectionery with smooth red bean paste wrapped inside Habutaemochi (smooth, silky rice cake). Its surface says "Kiyome (きよめ)" in Japanese😊

〈Eat-in Corner〉
🍵Akafuku Mochi Tea Set: 250 yen
(2 pieces of Akafuku Mochi, comes with Japanese tea)

"Akafuku Mochi (赤福餅)" is a specialty of Ise City in Mie Prefecture! Some of you might have tried this before?? It's a confectionery with soft rice cake wrapped inside smooth, sweet bean paste. Served with Japanese tea at the Event Space😋👍

(left) Akafuku Mochi (12 pieces): 1,200 yen/(8 pieces): 800 yen
(right) White Mochi & Black Mochi (8 pieces): 1,000 yen
White Mochi has white bean paste and Black Mochi has black sugar paste wrapped around steamed rice cake.

🐶(left) Okage Dog Sable Cookies (6 pieces per pack): 840 yen
Have you ever heard of "OKAGE DOG (おかげ犬)" before? During the Edo Period (1603-1868) in Japan, visiting the Ise Grand Shrine became a huge boom! However, those who couldn't make a visit themselves had their dogs take a long journey to the Ise Grand Shrine instead🐕 Usually their neighbors visiting the Ise Grand Shrine took the dog along. A piece of paper, stating that the dog is on its Ise journey, was tied around the neck😊 This unique tradition of Okage Dog has turned into cute sable cookies!

🥢(right) Akafuku Zenzai: 600 yen per pack

"Zenzai (ぜんざい)" is a sweet red bean soup with mochi rice cakes. This Akafuku Zenzai will let you enjoy freshly made zenzai at home😋

Did you have any food you would like to try??

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