\Check out Hokkaido Food Fair Week 2!/

Keio Department Store Shinjuku
Kanto Tokyo
2022-03-31 10:00 - 2022-04-13 17:00
Keio Department Store Shinjuku 7F Event Space

Keio Department Store's Hokkaido Food Fair lasts for 2 weeks. Week 1 began from March 31 (THU) and ended on April 6 (WED). And Week 2 started from April 7 (THU) and will end on 13 (WED). Some shops have changed from Week 1 to Week 2, so we can enjoy Hokkaido gourmet even more!

Speaking of Hokkaido, seafood such as scallops, crabs, shrimps might be some of the first things that come to your mind. However, dairy farming is also popular in Hokkaido, so dairy products and meat are also must-try food. Desserts and food using fresh fruits and vegetables are not to be missed too!

[Event Detail]
Hokkaido Food Fair, Spring
Period: From MAR 31 (THU) to APR 13 (WED) 2022
Hours: 10AM to 8PM
Location: Keio Department Store Shinjuku 7F Event Space
*Closes at 5PM on the last day.
*Last order at the Eat-in Corner is 1 hour before closing time.

🍣Eat-in Corner
[Sapporo City/Sushi-dokoro Tatsutoshi]
Selected Ezo Nigiri: 3,950 yen per serving

*Available only at Keio Department Store.
*Limited to 50 servings per day.
An assortment of popular seafood such as Hokkaido "kinki" (channel rockfish) and ”tokishirazu" (summer-catch salmon), as well as gelee topped asparagus sushi made in collaboration with "YAGAKU" (Hokkaido's vegetable shop), and 2 different sushi rolls made in collaboration with "FUJISAKI-WASABI."

🍺Eat-in Corner
[Sapporo City/Hokkaido Kankou Bussan Kousha]
(left) Abashiri Drift Ice Draft: 660 yen per glass

*Take-out is 380 yen (350ml).
(right) Sapporo Classic Beer (350ml): 280 yen

*Take-out only.
*A person under age 20 is prohibited from drinking alcohol by Japanese law.
"Sapporo Classic" is filled with the umami of ingredients, and the refreshing blue "Drift Ice Draft" uses Abashiri's drift ice for brewing.

🍜Eat-in Corner
[Sapporo City/MEN FURAIDO]
Special Chicken Miso Ramen: 1,400 yen per serving

*Available only at Keio Department Store.
*Limited to 200 servings per day.
Ramen with flavorful soup using Hinai Chicken and Hokkaido chicken, and richly topped with wontons, egg, and pork cheek meat char siu.

🍚Eat-in Corner
[Sapporo City/Sushi-dokoro Tatsutoshi]
Colorful Mini Seafood Bowl: 1,100 yen per serving

*Limited to 30 servings per day.
A perfect size for a light meal! Can be ordered at both "Sushi-dokoro Tatsutoshi" and "MEN FURAIDO" (ramen shop) between 3PM to 5PM.

[Sapporo City/ringring]
(left) Hard Baumkuchen Rusks Kirara Rice Plain Flavor no.801 (80g): 500 yen
(right) Soft Baumkuchen Kirara Rice Apple Flavor no.005: 1,500 yen each

*"ringring" uses rice flour in their sweets.

[Tomakomai City/TORIKO]
Hokkaido Deer Meat Twin Burger~FUJISAKI-WASABI Double Taste: 1,490 yen per serving

*Available only at Keio Department Store.
*Limited to 50 servings per day.
A collaboration between a deer meat specialty restaurant directly managed by a hunter, and FUJISAKI-WASABI. Deer meat patty is matched up with spicy, refreshing wasabi (Japanese horseradish).

[Takikawa City/Fromage-mori]
Cream Cheese Rum Raisin (90g×3 pieces): 1,296 yen

[Hakodate City/Kafukudo Kitchen]
Hokkaido's Small Sweet Potatoes (300g): 500 yen

*Limited to 30 packs per day.

[Nanporo Town/YAGAKU]
Hokkaido Green Asparagus: 498 yen per 100g

*Please note that the product may not be in stock due to weather conditions.

Strawberry Daifuku: 300 yen each
Strawberry Sakura Mochi: 330 yen each

*Limited to 100 pieces per day.

[Sapporo City/GRILLCIRCUS]
Hokkaido Beef Bento: 3,456 yen per box

*Available only at Keio Department Store.
*Limited to 100 boxes per day.
A luxurious bento box that lets you compare and enjoy inner thigh of Japanese Black Beef, moderately marbled inner thigh of Tokachi Herb Beef, and rich rump of Hokkaido Beef.

[Sapporo City/Okazuya]
Seafood Gimbap: 2,700 yen per pack

"Gimbap" is Korean sushi rolls. Bright-looking seafood gimbap topped with Hokkaido scallops, salmon roe, and other ingredients.

[Noboribetsu City/FUJISAKI-WASABI]
Wasabi Butter (5 pieces): 864 yen

*Limited to 50 packs per day.

[Sapporo City/GRILLCIRCUS]
Tokachi Herb Beef Steak Bento: 999 yen

*Available only on weekdays.
*Limited to 30 boxes per day.
*2 boxes per customer.

[Sunagawa City/IWASE FARM]
Gelato Soft Serve Ice Cream<Honey Haskap, Gianduja>: 680 yen per cup

*Honey Haskap gelato is available only at Keio Department Store.
*You can choose 2 different gelato.
A dessert filled with delicious flavor of fresh milk from IWASE FARM. You can enjoy 2 different gelato flavors of your choice and mildly sweet soft serve ice cream together.

[Hakodate City/Kanehachi]
Grilled Seafood<squid>: 756 yen per piece

[Obihiro City/Tokachi Nature]
Ton Ton Maki Gyoza (pork-wrapped dumplings)<alpine leek flavor>(frozen, 8 pieces per pack): 1,620 yen

Other than the food introduced in this article, many other variety of Hokkaido food will be available.
Hokkaido Food Fair is held twice a year. It'll be held again in autumn and I can't wait for Hokkaido's autumn food already!

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