[Event Notice] Keio Department Store's Ekiben Fair: BEEF EKIBEN


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Keio Department Store Shinjuku
Kanto Tokyo
2023-01-07 10:00 - 2023-01-22 17:00
Keio Department Store Shinjuku, 7F Event Space

Who loves beef?? Here are ekiben (Japanese train station lunch) using beef! Although they're grouped as beef ekiben, each one of them are prepared and seasoned differently (*´▽`*)❀

These will be available at Keio Department Store's "EKIBEN FAIR" starting from Saturday, January 7th. It's Keio's super popular food event held every year, with approx. 300 ekiben gathering all at once! If you're planning a Tokyo trip, don't miss out (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

[Event Info]
Ekiben & Japanese Local Gourmet Fair
Event Period: From JAN 7 (SAT) to JAN 22 (SUN) 2023
Hours: 10AM to 8PM
*JAN 15 (SUN) and last day close at 5PM.
Location: Keio Department Store 7F Event Space

Hitachi Beef Loin Steak & Roast Beef Luxurious Bento (常陸牛ロースステーキとローストビーフ贅沢盛り弁当): 2,600 yen
*Only 500 boxes per day.
From Ibaraki Prefecture, Mito Sta. (Joban Line)

Ekiben filled with plenty of Hitachi Beef, which is known for its tender texture, rich flavor, and sweet flavored fat. Enjoy loin steak and roast beef at once. Looks so luxurious too✨

Kyoto-style Dashimaki & Beef Sukiyaki Bento~supervised by Sanzenin-no-Sato~ (三千院の里監修 京風だし巻と牛すき重): 1,090 yen
From Kyoto, Kyoto Sta. (Tokaido Main Line)

An ekiben that lets you enjoy representative Japanese dishes: beef sukiyaki (simmered beef) and dashimaki (Japanese omelette). The beef sukiyaki is tenderly cooked with sweet-salty soup, and the beautifully layered, fluffy dashimaki is so flavorful with dashi broth😋

Bento with 4 Different Omi Beef (近江牛四種盛り弁当): 2,700 yen
*Only 200 boxes only.
From Shiga Prefecture, Kusatsu Sta. (Tokaido Main Line)

An ekiben filled with Omi Beef. Enjoy it in 4 different ways: sushi, simmered, bibimbap, and steak😋😋

Kobe-Specialty Kobe Beef Bento (神戸名物 神戸牛めし): 1,500 yen
From Hyogo Prefecture, Shin-Kobe Sta. (Sanyo Shinkansen)

Ekiben with Kobe Beef carefully cooked with sweet-salty sukiyaki-style soup. Simple yet lets you enjoy the rich flavor of Kobe Beef👍

Matsusaka Beef Roast Beef & Yakiniku Bento (松阪牛ローストビーフ&焼肉弁当): 1,980 yen
*Only 100 boxes per day.
From Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya Sta. (Kansai Main Line)

Enjoy Matsusaka Beef in 2 different ways: yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) and roast beef👍

Time to savor beef!

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