KYOTO Fair@Keio Department Store Shinjuku TOKYO

Keio Shinjuku Department Store
Kanto Tokyo
2023-05-03 10:00 - 2023-05-09 17:00
7F Event Space

KYOTO Fair will be held at Keio Department Store starting May 3rd (Wednesday). Enjoy local gourmet from Kyoto like mackerel sushi and duck noodles, beautiful delicate confectionery, desserts using matcha and sweet beans, etc. while in Tokyo. Not only delicious food, but also traditional crafts will be available

[Event Info]
Event Period: From MAY 3 (WED) to MAY 9 (TUE) 2023
Hours: 10AM to 8PM
*Last day MAY 9 (TUE) closes at 5PM.
*Last order at the Eat-in Corner is 1 hour before closing time.
Event Location: Keio Department Store 7F Event Space

Let's take a sneak peek at some of the gourmet and products that will be showing up♬

📍Eat-in Corner
[Soba Restaurant Kawamichiya Ginka]
Duck Noodles: 1,600 yen per serving

*Limited to 200 servings per day.
Noodle using rich flavorful broth unique to duck and plenty of sliced duck meat.

[Takanoya Sadahiro]
Assortment of Kyoto Half-Dry Confectionery (12 pieces per box): 972 yen
*Choose 12 pieces of confectionery of your choice.

Otogizoushi-Assorted Confectionery (9 pieces per box): 1,242 yen

Kyoto Bento Early Summer Gozen: 3,240 yen per box
*Limited to 30 boxes per day.

Taste of Gion (Assorted Kyoto Sushi): 3,510 yen per box
*Limited to 30 boxes per day. MAY 9 (TUE) is limited to 15 boxes.

📍Eat-in Corner
Matcha Milk Parfait: 1,210 yen per cup

Matcha & Houjicha Sandae: 500 yen per cup
*Limited to 100 servings per day.

Amino Region Specialty Barazushi (Scatted Sushi): 1,080 yen per box

[Ajyarimochi Honpo Mangetsu]
Ajyarimochi: 140 yen each

*From MAY 5 (WED) to 5 (FRI): Limited to 2,000 pieces per day.
*From MAY 6 (SAT) to 9 (TUE): Limited to 1,000 pieces per day.
*Only 10 pieces per customer.

[Aoiya Yakimochi Souhonpo]
Assorted Kyoto Ohagi: 800 yen

(coarse sweet beans, smooth sweet beans, sesame, roasted soy bean flour, Uji Matcha powder, 1 piece per flavor, total of 5 pieces)
*Limited to 50 boxes per day.

[Sasaya Iori]
Dorayaki: 1,728 yen per bar

Yatsuhashi "Kyoto's Early Summer": 680 yen

(cinnamon flavor×5 pieces, matcha flavor×5 pieces, total of 10 pieces)

[Tawaraya Yoshitomi]
Shiro-Unryu (white bean paste roll): (half-size) 1,080 yen
Revival Ver. Unryu (red bean paste roll): (whole) 1,944 yen/(half-size) 1,080 yen

FLORAL-WORLD Incense Assortment Cone: 2,750 yen
(6 scents×5 cones, total of 30 cones, 2.5cm, comes with incense stand)
*Limited to 20 boxes

[Misuya Chubei]
Sewing Box "3 Rabbits"<colors: pink, red>(24×17.5×7.5cm): 15,400 yen each
*Limited to 5 boxes for each color.

Enjoy Kyoto food and tradition all at once♬

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