Mie/Wakayama/Aichi Prefecture Food & Tourism Fair@Keio Department Store

Keio Shinjuku Department Store
Kanto Tokyo
2023-05-11 10:00 - 2023-05-16 17:00
7F Event Space

Our next food event starting May 11th (Thursday) is all about Mie (三重), Wakayama (和歌山), and Aichi (愛知)!! These 3 prefectures are located in the middle of Japan. Mie is well known for Ise Shrine and ninjas, Wakayama for Mount Koya, and Aichi for castles。

Their tourist attractions are attractive enough, but so are their local food! Let's take a quick look at some of the delicious gourmet that will be appearing♬

[Event Info]
Mie/Wakayama/Aichi Prefecture Food & Tourism Fair
Event Period: From MAY 11 (THU) to MAY 16 (TUE) 2023
Hours: 10AM to 8PM
*Last day MAY 16 (TUE) closes at 5PM.*Last order time at the Eat-in Corner is 1 hour before closing time.
Event Location: Keio Department Store 7F Event Space

[Mie Pref./Kura]
Greasyback Shrimp Tenmusu Miso Katsu Bento Box: 1,296 yen per box

Tenmusu (rice ball w/fried shrimp) using rare greasyback shrimp from Owase City and misokatsu (pork cutlet w/miso sauce) using Mie Prefecture's Ise Umaine Pork tenderloin.

[Aichi Pref./Tsuboya]
Unagimabushi (eel rice): 1,480 yen each

[Wakayama Pref./KIMINO FRUIT]
Hassaku Juice 「HASSAKU」(200ml): 540 yen

Luxuriously squeezed hassaku (Japanese citrus) grown with organic fertilizers. Each bottle has a handwritten serial number on the label.

📍Eat-in Corner
[Mie Pref./Kaida Seimenjo]

Ise Udon Noodles: 500 yen per serving

*Keio-only. Limited to 100 servings per day.
An Ise specialty! Thick soft noodles with sweet spicy sauce.

📍Eat-in Corner
[Mie Pref./Akafuku]
Akafuku Tea Set (comes with Japanese tea): 250 yen

"Akafuku" is definitely one of the signature souvenir of Mie Prefecture! Soft mochi (rice cake) covered with subtly sweet smooth red bean paste. Enjoy them at the Event Space with a nice cup of Japanese tea♫

📍Eat-in Corner
[Wakayama Pref./Akadama]
Wakayama Ramen & Wasabi Sushi Set: 1,265 yen per serving
*Keio-only. Limited to 30 servings per day.
A delicious bowl with rich mellow pork soup and soy sauce. Enjoy it with refreshing wasabi (horse radish) sushi, a specialty of Wakayama Prefecture.

[Mie Pref./Toraya Uiro]
Ise Tea Chestnut Uiro (300g/bar): 800 yen

Have you ever tried "Uiro (ういろ)"? It looks like yokan (red bean jelly) at first glance, but in fact, these two are completely different. Yokan is a Japanese confectionery made by hardening red beans with agar, while Uiro by steaming rice flour, sugar, and water. And it has a chewy texture.

📍Eat-in Corner
[Mie Pref./Gourmet Kaitenzushi Suzuki Suisan]

Sushi: from 180 yen per plate

Enjoy luxurious sushi using seafood from Ise Bay and Matsusaka Beef.

[Mie Pref./OWASE KUKI]
Unaju Bento Box with Umaki: 2,376 yen per box

So irresistible for unagi (eel) fans! A bento box filled not only with unaju (eel rice) but also Japanese omelette with eel.

[Mie Pref./Uoken]
Tekonezushi: 1,296 yen per box

Lean raw fish slices such as tuna are flavored with soy sauce based sauce and placed over sushi rice. A specialty of Mie Prefecture.

[Wakayama Pref./Nanki Umeboshi]
Substandard but Perfect Taste Umeboshi (500g): 1,100 yen

Speaking of Japanese pickles, we cannot forget umeboshi or pickled plums! You might have seen these in Japanese lunch boxes. Especially Wakayama's pickled plums are known for their delicious taste, so how about giving them a try?

📍Eat-in Corner
Nagoya Cochin Meringue Oyakodon (comes w/soup and pickles): 2,200 yen per serving

A new type of Oyakodon combining Nagoya Cochin chicken's flavorful meat and egg yolk, and egg white turned into fluffy meringue.

Let's savor local gourmet of Mie, Wakayama, and Aichi prefectures!

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