Keio Shinjuku Department Store
Kanto Tokyo
2024-05-08 10:00 - 2024-05-13 16:00
Keio Department Store Shinjuku 7F Event Space

Calling all baumkuchen fans!! A wide variety of baumkuchen from all over Japan will gather at Keio Department Store's Event Space from MAY 8 (WED)☆ Each one is so unique in its flavor, texture, shape, and packaging. Here are a very few examples of baumkuchen that will be appearing at the event!

[Event Info]
Event Period: From MAY 8 (WED) to MAY 13 (MON) 2024
Hours: 10AM to 8PM
*Last day MAY 13 (MON) closes at 4PM.
Location: Keio Department Store Shinjuku 7F Event Space

[Saitama Prefecture/MURATAYA]
Baumkuchen Fruit Sandwiches: 990 yen each
*Limited to 80 pieces per day.

Fruit sandwiches using slices of baumkuchen instead of bread! A winner of the FINAL KUCHEN AWARD 2023 AUTUMN.

Thank You Panda Baum: 540 yen each

Send out your Thank-you with a baumkuchen that cuts out into a shape. Elegant, Earl Grey flavor.

[Oita Prefecture/Kikuya]
Purin Baum (D13.5cm): 1,620 yen
*Limited to 10 boxes per day.

Enjoy fluffy maple baumkuchen and smooth, melting pudding all at once!

Assorted Baumkuchen
Set A: 2,160円
*Limited to 60 bags per day. 2 bags per customer.
*Available from 10AM everyday.

◆[Chiba Prefecture/KAMOGAWA BAUM]
◆[Ishikawa Prefecture/Kikkado]
◆[Toyama Prefecture/FERVER]
◆[Hyogo Prefecture/Juchheim]
◆[Tokushima Prefecture/IL RÒSA]

Assorted Baumkuchen
Set B: 2,160 yen
*Limited to 60 bags per day. 2 bags per customer.
*Available from 2PM everyday. Number tickets for purchasing will be handed out everyday from 1PM.

◆[Shiga Prefecture/CLUB HARIE]
◆[Hyogo Prefecture/BAUM u. BAUM]
◆[Hyogo Prefecture/Juchheim]
◆[Tottori Prefecture/Pátisserie-Minoura]
◆[Saga Prefecture/akaneiro]

[Yamagata Prefecture/COMERU gluten free sweets]
Rice Baumkuchen<Shonai Ripe Melon>(D14.5cm): 1,720 yen

Mellow and moist baumkuchen using Yamagata Prefecture's Haenuki rice flour and Andes Melon.

Crispy Baumkuchen (D10.5cm): 2,400 yen

The outer layer is nice and crispy! And the inside is fluffy, moist. A new type of baumkuchen that lets you enjoy 2 different textures!

[Tokyo/Toki-Tokyo Baumkuchen]
Stawberry Cafe Latte Baumkuchen (D9cm): 680 yen

A collab of aromatic caffeine-free coffee and strawberry bits. A baumkuchen with fun texture and cute presentation.

[Fukuoka Prefecture/ATELIER Ito]
HAKATA Ice Cream Monaka Wafers<Darjeeling×Baumkuchen (Kin-no-Ito)>: 550 yen each
*Limited to 30 pieces per day.

A collaboration of baumkuchen and ice cream. Baumkuchen chunks are mixed inside ice cream and sandwiched inside monaka waferes. Keio-exclusive menu.

Aichi Prefecture/COCOTOMOFARM]
Brown Rice Hard Baumkuchen (D12cm): 2,100 yen

Gluten-free baumkuchen made from raw brown rice flour. Enjoy the toasty aroma and chewy texture.

[Aichi Prefecture/Pâtisserie Fairlline]
Coffee Baumkuchen (D12cm): 1,820 yen

Dark roast coffee baumkuchen soaked with Japanese whisky "Chita". Bittersweet flavor that adults can enjoy.

[Yamagata prefecture/8BAUM]
Yamanashi Shine Muscat Rumli 8 (D13cm): 2,980 yen
*Limited to 8 boxes per day.

Filled with Yamanashi Prefecture Shine muscat rum raisin. Delicious even when chilled.

[Ishikawa Prefecture/Tsukitowa by meigetsudo]
Hakusan Rice Flour Baumkuchen Noto Salt & Blueberry (D13cm): 2,200 yen
*Limited to 30 boxes per day.

Made with Ishikawa Prefecture's rice flour. Plenty of Noto City's blueberry sauce is kneaded inside the dough and glazed with sugar coating with Noto's Suzu salt. A baumkuchen made with natural ingredients of Ishikawa Prefecture's.

[Yamagata Prefecture/KOMERU Gluten-free Sweets]
Rice Baumkuchen (Amanatsu Orange)(D15cm): 1,780 yen

Amanatsu orange is mixed inside the baumkuchen dough made with Shonai Haenuki rice flour. Coated with Amanatsu orange white chocolate and decorated with orange bits.

If you happen to be in Shinjuku, don't miss out this sweet tasty event ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

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