Keio Shinjuku Department Store
Kanto Tokyo
2023-11-02 10:00 - 2023-11-07 17:00
Keio Department Store Shinjuku 7F Event Space

❤️Who here loves BAUMKUCHEN? I know I do😋😋
Don't miss out Keio Department Store's "BAUMKUCHEN EXPO" if you're a baumkuchen fan who happen to be in Tokyo! Baumkuchen from all across Japan will gather at Keio's Event Space😊❤️

Let's take a sneak peek at some of the delicious baumkuchen that will be appearing at the event♬

[Event Info]
Event Period: From NOV 2 (THU) to NOV 7 (TUE) 2023
Hours: 10AM to 8PM
*Last day NOV 7 (TUE) closes at 5PM.
Location: Keio Department Store 7F Event Space

🎁For Foreign Tourists Only: Gift with Purchase🎁
Make a purchase at the following 2 locations and present your receipts at Foreign Customer Counter on the 2nd Floor. You will receive a stainless steel tumbler as a gift.
②Keio Department Store Shinjuku (not including BAUMKUCHEN EXPO)

*1 gift per customer.
*No conditions for minimum purchase amount.

[Hokkaido/Haus Von Frau Kurosawa]
Crispy Baumkuchen (D10.5cm): 2,400 yen

[Saitama Prefecture/Kawagoe Baum Lab.]
Salted Butter Caramel~The magic of the heart (extra flavoring): 770 yen per cup
*Limited to 30 cups per day.

[Hokkaido/Otaru Ishikura Baum]
An-Butter Baum (baumkuchen with sweet bean paste & butter)(D6cm): 450 yen
*Limited to 200 pieces per day.

[Aichi Prefecture/King Farm]
Super Moist Original Baumkuchen (D13.5cm): 1,700 yen
*Limited to 100 baumukuchen per day.

[Kanagawa Prefecture/MYSTAR BASE]
Crème Brulee (D7.5cm): 729 yen

[Aichi Prefecture/Patisserie Fairlline]
Crystal Brownie (D13cm): 1,950 yen
*Limited to 50 baumkuchen per day.

[Yamagata Prefecture/Gluten-Free Sweets COMERU]
Rice Baumkuchen<Shonai Fully Ripe Melon>(D14.5cm): 1,720 yen

[Yamanashi Prefecture/patisserie THE HEREN]
HEREN BAUM "Toki no naru ki (Tree of Time)" Hard Type (M size)(D14cm): 1,620 yen

[Mie Prefecture/AngelStickBaumKuchen]
AngelStickBaumKuchen (6 flavors×1 stick): 2,800 yen
*Limited to 50 boxes per day.

[Hyogo Prefecture/Marufuku Baum]
Cheese Fondu Baumkuchen (D11cm): 1,200円 yen

[Chiba Prefecture/Minamitei]
Baumkuchen Can<Strawberry Flavor>: 700 yen each

[Fukui Prefecture/SEIYOGASHI CLUB]
Baumkuchen Monsieur (D13cm): 1,836 yen

[Yamanashi Prefecture/8BAUM]
CHOCOLATE GERMAN8 (D14cm): 2,500 yen
*Limited to 20 baumkuchen per day.

[Miyagi Prefecture/Agriead Naruse NOBICO]
Sky Baumkuchen (D13cm): 1,500 yen
*Limited to 20 baumkuchen per day.

😋Baked at the spot
❤️THEO Freshly Baked Baumkuchen
🕙Baking Time
10:30AM t 6:30PM every day
Out of the oven every 30 minutes/9 times a day
*Last day will be 7 times, until 4:30PM

❤️THEO Freshly Baked Baumkuchen: 432 yen each
Baumkuchen will be freshly baked using "THEO", an AI baumkuchen oven😋👍

[Shiga Prefecture/CLUB HARIE]
Baumkuchen mini 2-pieces Set Tokyo Limited Package (D7.8cm×2 pieces): 1,188 yen

Maple Baumkuchen (D16.3cm): 2,376 yen

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