Japanese Gourmet Fair

Keio Department Store Shinjuku
Kanto Tokyo
2022-10-12 10:00 - 2022-10-17 17:00
7F Event Space

Japan is reopening borders to independent foreign travelers! Whether you're a first time traveler or a repeat visitor to Japan, you don't want to miss Japanese food!

Keio Department Store located in Shinjuku Tokyo, is holding a Japanese food event from October 12th (Wednesday)😋👏👏 Super popular local gourmet and desserts that were introduced on Japanese TV shows will gather at this event!

[Event Info]
📣Japanese Gourmet Fair
📅From OCT 12 (WED) to OCT 17 (MON) 2022
🕙10AM to 8PM
*Last day closes at 5PM.
*Last order at eat-in corner in 1 hour before closing time everyday.
📍Keio Department Store 7F Event Space

📍Eat-in Corner
[Fukuoka Pref./HAKATA ISSOU]

KEIO-LIMITED ISSOU SPECIAL: 1,200 yen per serving
A great match of thick, rich pork broth and "HAKATA ISSOU" special garlic chili oil! This special edition ramen can only be enjoyed at Keio😋🍜

📍Eat-in Corner
[Toyama Pref./TOYAMA SUSHI]
Kiwami Nigiri Set: 3,980 yen per serving
(Nodoguro (black throat sea perch), yellowtail, sweet shrimp, glass shrimp, salmon roe cured with kelp, fatty tuna, flounder, red snow crab, white trevally, sea bream, total of 10 sushi)

Toyama Prefecture located along the Sea of Japan, is famous for sushi🍣🍣🍣 Sushi chef at our Eat-in Corner will carefully prepare each sushi using seafood from Toyama Bay and seasonal ingredients.

MABOROSHINO TEBASAKI (5 pieces): 600 yen

These chicken wings seasoned with pepper are so addictive😋😍

Edomae Tendon: 1,480 yen per box

天ぷらがご飯のうえにたっぷり😆 とても満腹になりそうと同時に、とても幸せな気分になりそう😇

Unaju<Tokujo>: 3,780 yen per box

Rice, grilled eel, and salty-sweet sauce...so simple yet toooo good🤣

Recommended 8 Pieces Set: 1,080 yen

*50 sets only per day.
Osaka's representative gourmet "Kushikatsu (串かつ)" or deep-fried meat and vegetables on skewers😋 Try different kushikatsu and find your favorite ingredient!

Original Takoyaki Small Box (12 pieces): 650 yen

Fluffy on the outside, smooth and melty inside! A small bite yet so flavorful😋

How about taking a mini gourmet tour while in Tokyo?

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