Japanese sweets shop in Kyoto attracting the art lovers~UCHU wagashi

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    • 2024-07-02

A shop has opened in an old Japanese style house where there is an artistic rakugan, Japanese confectionery. They are handmade one by one, and are not only delicious, but beautifully packaged with fashionable colors and shapes! Adjacent to the shop is a cafe where you can enjoy the Japanese confectionery making workshop and matcha. It is a great place to stop by while you are walking around the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

Let’s have a look at the store!

■Very popular for visitors to Japan! Enjoy the design with free arrangement of Japanese confectionery "drawing" 834 yen(tax included, same applies below)

 At a tea ceremony, you can enjoy expressing the seasons with Japanese confectionery on a plate. It is very popular because you can enjoy drawing freely and expressing your own ideas. The taste of Japanese confectionery is very simple, keeps its freshness for a long time, and is great for souvenirs.

Enjoy different kinds of flavors "ochobo mini" 634 yen each

▲From the left, flavors of matcha, jasmine tea, and plain

Rakugan has a characteristic that ordinary sugar doesn't have, such as its melting and light taste, as well as being high quality sugar with lots of minerals. Other than "matcha", "jasmine tea" and "plain" flavors, there are other seasonal limited flavors that come in a compact and cute design.

■Exclusive at the shop! "Kyoto Monogatari", landscape of Kyoto in sweets, perfect as a souvenir, 10 pieces in a box, 1,234 yen 

It is Japanese confectionery called Rakugan, carefully made by hand at a time with selected ingredients and semi-sweet sugar Wasanbon. Each design of the sweets illustrates the scenery of Kyoto today, including Kyoto Tower and Daimonji. The packaging also expresses the beauty of Kyoto, exclusive to the store.

■Vibrantly colored "Fruit sweet bean jelly set", recommended item in the menu at the cafe 1,100 yen


The light sweet bean jelly and the bitterness of matcha harmonizes well by a combination of white bean paste with egg white and light flavored fruit jelly. Each cut pattern is always different, and amuses your eyesight. 7 variations are served other than matcha, such as with houjicha tea and matcha sweet red bean soup.

Enjoy making japanese sweets workshop! ・・・ Using original wooden mold, participation fee with matcha is 3,500 yen

 A rakugan making workshop using the same tools and ingredients as the shop. You can eat the rakugan you make with matcha at UCHU or take it home as a souvenir. Advance registration is required for this workshop, and special workshops may be available for a certain number of participants.

■Message for visitors to Japan
 Wasanbon, the ingredient used at the shop for rakugan is very rare, nutritious, and carefully made by many steps with handmade tools. In addition, we handle all the process by hand, from making sweets to packaging, focusing on the simplicity of the package design. Please enjoy the excellence of Japanese confectionery rakugan with all of your five senses.

There is a garden at the back of the cafe where you can relax and get comfortable.

■Shop location
 Kyoto-shi, Kamigyo-ku, Teramachidori, Marutacho Agaru, Shintomicho 307