The experience of Japanese luxury fruits! Fruit cutting class at Shinjuku Takano which is known as a fruits department store

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We have established fruit cutting experience that are useful during Christmas season in Shinjuku Takano, one of Japan's leading luxury fruit department stores. Using carefully selected seasonal high-quality fruits, beautifully cut and make them into a fruit tart for Christmas. Delicious, colorful fruits competing with each other and the ingenious photogenic look is perfect.


The ingredients are carefully nurtured seasonal fruits. On this day, we used precious winter peaches, figs, kiwis, oranges, strawberries and pears ... about 10 kinds of fruits, including the Okayama's Shien Grapes, which will be the last grapes of the year. It costs 10,000 yen for a bunch.

Now everything is ready. The lesson is finally starting.

The lecturer is Mr. Moriyama the fruit couturier. While talking about the characteristics of the fruits, he will teach you how to let them taste the best, making them easy to eat, and most of all cut them beautifully.



Grapes: Hold the grape vertically and put the knife shallowly so that it will gently peel off the skin and not cutting the seeds.

Apple: Sweetness is concentrated in the middle of the core, you can taste the sweetness even if you cut it diagonally.

Kiwi: Put a kiwi sliced on a cutting board and insert the knife between the fruit and the skin. (Hold the kiwi with your left hand) Turn the kiwi slowly to the left while moving the knife back and forth. After one round, you can take the peel off beautifully.

*The knife used is a small size knife for cutting fruits.

All fruits have been cut! Yeah. I thought I did it well for the first time, but ...





Now put yourself together again. It’s time to serve.

Place the cut fruits on the tart.

Use fresh cream as a bond to prevent the fruit from falling over.


Sense is important for arrangement. How does it look?

Even clumsily cut fruits can be beautiful when placed together.


With berry as an accent, I present the feeling of Christmas.

Fruit cutting experience using seasonal high quality fruits. I received professional guidance right in front of my eyes, tasted precious fruits, and had a great time.

Thank you, Mr. Moriyama!



By participating in the lesson, I learned about the variety of Japanese fruits and was surprised at the price of the fruit used as ingredients. In Japan there are also branded fruits. Why is it so expensive at first? I asked Shinjuku Takano that brand fruits have difficulty in production under the influence of the development efforts, the labor and work involved in the production process, and the weather. And above all, I am convinced after tasting them.

Shinjuku Takano

Shinjuku Takano provides fruit confections that are perfect for souvenirs as well as high-quality fruits, and you can enjoy parfaits and seasonal fruits at the parlor and fruit bar.

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