"My favorite thing" ~ Cold tea bottles loved by the owner of teahouse ~ "HARIO Ka-Ku Bottle" Sugamo Teahouse Yamanenen Yuki Shiobara

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“There is more than green tea when we talk about delicious tea”

Mr. Shiobara with a friendly smile is the owner of Sugamo Tea House, Yamanenen in Tokyo.

“Recently, burdock tea and onion peel tea are also popular among Japanese and even foreign customers. About the burdock tea, we are often being asked “Can you really drink from something that looks like a tree root? (laugh)".

Other than green tea, the charm of Yamanenen includes over 30 kinds of healthy tea and sweets that goes well with them.

The reason Mr. Shiobara handles a wide variety of tea is that he wishes for more people to know the different flavors of tea and ways to enjoy them.

You may wonder what is "the favorite thing" for Mr. Shiobara?

“HARIO's bottle has been very useful this summer. With this bottle, it is easy to make delicious tea with just cold water. Some say that using teapot is the best way to bring out the flavor of tea, but since we all have to drink a lot of water in the summer, I like the fact that with these bottles, you can make a large amount of delicious tea easily. "

Japanese people prefers cold drinks in the summer. Cold wheat tea or green tea can be found in refrigerator of any family in summer. Drinking cold tea is the first thing to do when most Japanese people come back home.

“What is even better is that this bottle is made of resin, therefore it will not break even if dropped. Even my daughter in elementary school can easily make cold delicious tea.”

Born in a long-established tea house family, Mr. Shiobara said he would like to propose a “life style” that is suitable for modern people without fussing too much over the tradition.

“The other day I tried to make Sangria with this bottle. It looked very elegant and chic, my friends all liked it very much. It can be used for a lot of drinks other than iced tea, which is a great charm point too."

When the interview has come to an end, Mr. Shiobara returned to the store once again. After a long day of work, the iced tea prepared by your daughter is waiting for you-


HARIO Ka-Ku Bottle