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▲source :JuGetsuDo  Tsukiji Main store

Maruyama Nori Store, a long-established Nori sotre established in 1854, has reopened the Japanese tea cafe and store, called "JuGetsuDo Tsukiji Main store". At the store, there is a space for purchasing the finest Japanese tea and a cafe to taste and enjoy Japanese tea. It is also a pleasure to spend such time in a bamboo-wrapped space designed by Kengo Kuma, which is inspired by the nodot umbrella (Nodategasa).

Now, let's take a look at some of our favorite Japanese tea sweets and teas at the tearoom!

■Sweets recommendation ①: Rich Matcha Mont Blanc

 The cafe space inspired by the nodot umbrella (Nodategasa), which is used in tea ceremony. The menu includes a variety of matcha sweets, but we highly recommend you the Rich Matcha Mont Blanc. The rich matcha flavor of the tea leaves, produced by a special farming method that strictly checks the soil, spreads slowly in your mouth. Large Japanese chestnuts are placed inside and at the tip of the mont blanc, making this a must-try sweet for matcha lovers.

▲Rich Matcha Mont Blanc and Japanese tea (2 flavors to choose from) 1,380Yen (Prices offered at the main store in Tsukiji; same below, including tax.)Take-out 670 Yen each

Sweets recommendation ②・・・Matcha Financier

It is a very elegant and sweet tea sweet, and is available in three flavors, matcha, hojicha and raspberry. The most popular to-go item is the matcha financier, which is ideal as a souvenir. 250 yen per piece. 

▲Pictured, a 5-piece set of matcha financier - 1,250 yen, you can pick from 3 types to make your own set, according to your preference.

Japanese tea products recommendation①"Tokusen Hyakunen no Haru," one of the finest sencha teas.

This original tea leaf has a mellow, nectar-like flavor from the early-picked sprouts. We also recommend putting ice cubes in the tea. As the ice melts, you will get to experience a rich sweetness.

The product is named in the hope that the energetic spring-like feeling will last for 100 years.100g- 2,160 yen (in a bag) 

Item recommendation②・・・"Hokusai Fujiyama Boxed Organic Sencha Morning Hoso-Can"

 Organic sencha usually lacks depth of flavor, but this tea has a robust taste and a bright, dark green color. The box package design of Hokusai's Mount Fuji makes it an ideal souvenir. 50g - 1,090 yen

Message to Guests Visiting Japan

Jugatsudo has three stores: the main store in Tsukiji, the Paris store in France, and the Kabuki-za store in Ginza. After this renovation, all stores, which have been designed by Kengo Kuma, have different themes using bamboo. Please enjoy the taste, color, and aroma of the tea with all your senses in a bamboo wrapped space that embodies the world of Zen.

We do not only sell teas and sweets but also tea utensils, and we teach you how to handle those utensils and how to brew delicious tea. Please take this opportunity to learn about Japanese tea culture and try brewing Japanese tea at home.

▲What an amazing thing to be able to watch a pot of tea being brewed up close!

 <Extra Information>

The restaurant's parent company is a seaweed company and delivers seaweed to many sushi restaurants in Ginza, so they are able to introduce many travelers to sushi restaurants that meet their demands.

Source: Jugatsudo Tsukiji Honten

Source: Jugatsudo Tsukiji Honten

■Location and nearest stations for the Jugatsudo Tsukiji Honten

  Tsukiji Kyoeikai Building 1F, 4-7-5 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

     CLosest station:Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Tsukiji station 5 minute walk

             Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Ginza station 8 minute walk

     Business hours, stores: 09:30-17:30 (Sunday and holidays: 10:00-16:00)          

Café: 09:30-17:30(L.O. 16:00)  

※The café is closed on Sundays and holidays