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Shopping support
Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store
Kanto Tokyo
2021-01-09 00:00 - 2025-01-01 00:00
Personal Shopping Desk on the 3rd floor of Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store

At Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store, specialists with expertise will welcome you.

We provide personal shopping services by specialists so that you can fully enjoy your shopping time.

Specialists work together to meet the needs of our customers and provide hospitality across the entire building.

Duration:About 30minutes~1hour
What to prepare:None
Number of participants:Nothing special ※There is no limit on the number of people, but we can respond smoothly if you let us know in advance.

「Process for experience」
・Please make a reservation through WEB or Telephone, then we will ask the date, time and name.
Reservation URL(Japanese only):
Please call to 「03-3241-3311(Main number)」 for reservation by other laungages.
 ※Depending on the service content, there are also paid services.
・We will ask you about your favorite brand, taste, size, and request, weak point in advance if you had specific TPO, items, budget and fashion.
・In response to customer requests, specialists will go around each floor and shops to prepare products in advance,
considering coordination while combining various items, that are difficult to find by yourself.
・On the day, we will wait for you at the personal shopping desk on the 3rd floor of the Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Building and ask you again in detail about your request along with the information we got in advance.
・We will explain about the products that we have prepared in advance. Furthermore, it is also possible to suggest the perfect product for the customer while going around the floor together on the day.
※The purchase of the product is not mandatory.
・If necessary, we will accompany you on tax exemption procedures.