LIFE with BICYCLE Daikanyama


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  • Daikanyama


  • Folding bike

  • Mini bike

Kanto Tokyo
FLEG Daikanyama, Ebisu Nishi 1-31-12, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, 150-0021
3 minutes walk from Daikanyama station, 5 minutes walk from Ebisu station
Business hours
Monday  10:30-19:00
Tuesday  10:30-19:00
Wednesday  Closed
Thursday  10:30-19:00
Friday  10:30-19:00
Saturday  10:30-19:00
Sunday  10:30-19:00
Closed every Wednesday, Obon holiday and year-end and New Year holidays
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Store types
Car and bike supply store
Products handled
Men's clothes / Accessories / Bags
Women's clothes / Accessories / Bags
Pet goods
Electronic and digital devices
Books / Stationery
Sports / Outdoors

"""Brompton is a folding bicycle that is carefully made one by one by craftsmen at our own factory in London, England. Our shop is a Brompton specialty store. It can be easily folded, so you can go out to places where there is no bicycle parking lot. Brompton will be useful in a variety of situations, from daily life such as commuting and shopping to traveling by car, train, plane, etc., and will enrich your life.*Our store name has been changeg as of October 1, 2022.
""BROMPTON JUNCTION TOKYO"" has been conveying the charm of BROMPTON for seven years since 2015, but with BROMPTON's establishment of a Japanese corporation, our store is ""LIFE with BICYCLE Daikanyama"" (LIFE with BICYCLE Daikanyama). We have decided to change the store name to Bicycle Daikanyama). Centered on Brompton, we will work hard to become a store that is supported by more and more customers based on the idea of ``living with bicycles''. All of our staff will continue to do our best, and we look forward to your continued patronage. """


Smartphone payment

  • Alipay

  • WeChat pay

  • Apple Pay

  • Other kinds of mobile payments

Facility services

  • Tax-free Shop

  • Facility with multilingual service (tablets, devices and conversation through pointing tools)

  • Domestic shipping

Hygiene measures

  • Facility with sanitizers

  • Sterilized / Ventilated Facility