Kanto Tokyo
Ueno ABAB 7F, 4-8-4Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0005
2 minute walk from JR Ueno station (Shinobazu exit) / 2 minute walk from JR Okachimachi station (North exit) / 1 minute walk from subway Ueno Okachmachi station (exit A5)
Business hours
Monday  10:00-21:00
Tuesday  10:00-21:00
Wednesday  10:00-21:00
Thursday  10:00-21:00
Friday  10:00-21:00
Saturday  10:00-21:00
Sunday  10:00-21:00
Closed Day:Determined by Ueno ABAB store Buffet price
Adults 1100yen (drink bar costs additional 220 yen)~
Children (4 years old ~ elementary school) 870 yen (drink bar included)
※All prices include taxes

Time limit
50 minutes~
Official website
Phone number
Store types
Restaurant / café

Sweets Paradise is a store that offers mainly sweets as well as pasta, salads and drinks at all-you-can-eat basis,
The concept is "Enjoy only things you like!", so it is very popular among women and kids that would like to try various food a bit.
Speaking of sweets, of course we offer classic shortcakes and chocolate cakes, but we also reccomend you changing seasonal or time limited products available during events. Our general showcase with about 30 kinds of sweets is a highlight, so you will feel like you want to eat everything!
There are many kinds of pasta and salads so you may have meals without hesitation.
We carry fresh pasta made in our own factory. Salads are cooked with gathering of fresh vegetables filled with seasonal senses, so it is popular among ladies.
We also prepare curry and soup so men will be satisfied also.
We are very much looking forward to your visit.