Katsuragawa Parking Area Outbound in Meishin Express way

Kansai Kyoto
468-1 Kuze Higashitsuchikawa-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 601-8204
Business hours
Monday  07:00-21:00
Tuesday  07:00-21:00
Wednesday  07:00-21:00
Thursday  07:00-21:00
Friday  07:00-21:00
Saturday  07:00-21:00
Sunday  07:00-21:00
Closed Day:075-935-3538 ・Services: food court and a shopping corner
Phone number
Store types
Rest area / roadside station
Products handled
Toys / Games
Books / Stationery

This shop is located near the Katsura River and is Kyoto's only rest stop on the highway

At the shopping corner, you can purchase special sweets from Kyoto (like yatsuhashi and more), miscellaneous goods, pickled vegetables and more.

We also have popular and in demand goods from neighboring Shiga Prefecture.
At the dining corner, we have items on our menu featuring Kujo's green onion and Komachi Kyo salt ramen that are very well received.


Credit card

  • VISA

  • Master

  • JCB

  • UnionPay


  • All kinds of credit cards

Facility services

  • FREE Wi-Fi

  • Parking lot