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Fermented foods have become a global boom because of their delicious taste and health benefits. One of the most famous fermented sweets is "Kuzumochi". Kuzumochi is a Japanese confectionery that has been loved for a long time by the Japanese people for its refreshing and jellylike texture.

Funabashiya, famous for making Kuzumochi, has opened a new store BE:SIDE Omotesando in Omotesando, Tokyo, where you can experience sweets using "Kuzumochi Lactic Acid BacteriaⓇ" nurtured through years of research and treatments using a fermented lotion in one place.

 The shop is consisted of two sections: the SWEET:SIDE, where you can enjoy new kinds of sweets using Kuzumochi lactic acid bacteria and the TREATMENT:SIDE, where you can use lotions derived from Kuzumochi to help to relieve brain fatigue.


SWEET:SIDE  You can enjoy sweets and drinks such as Kuzumochi, a typical Japanese confectionery.


TREATMENT:SIDE  You can enjoy a treatment with fermented lotion.     

SWEET:SIDE's recommended sweets and drinks

The limited Omotesando Shop "Mizu-Kuzumochi Set"... It is a set of Mizu-kuzumochi, a more jellylike texture and more water is contained than Kuzumochi, topped with your choice of kuromitsu and soybean flour and a cup of pesticide-free Japanese tea or organic coffee. The soft and plump mochi can't be found at any other shops, it is the only place where you can eat it in Japan. Therefore the expiration date is only twenty minutes!


▲The unique texture is very soft and jellylike in your mouth, try it out! Mizu-kuzumochi set 1,250 yen  

 Mirin Berry Smoothie...A seasonal smoothie drink based on drinkable Kuzumochi lactic acid bacteria. Matcha Lime is also popular and there are many other flavors to choose from, such as Banana Kakao, Amazake Ginger, and Organic Kakao.

▲Beautiful pink Mirin Berry smoothie 780 yen.

 Here are some products you can take home.

Fruit Anmitsu (autumn-limited product) ...The crunchy texture of the agar is very tasty when served with autumn fruits and a little kuromitsu.

Kuzumochi Pudding... A special pudding made with fermented wheat starch, naturally aged for 450 days.

Drinkable Kuzumochi lactic acid bacteria...Rice fermented with lactic acid bacteria, no additives, no sugar. This product is also recommended for children with sensitive stomachs.

▲From the left : Fruit Anmitsu with Kuzumochi 1 Cup 610 yen, Kuzumochi Pudding 399 yen, Drinkable Kuzumochi Lactic Acid Bacteria Small bottle 375 yen. The containers are all so stylish!   Source:BE:SIDE


 With more and more people doing telework and using digital devices, it is easy for stress and fatigue to accumulate in the brain and head. In this space, facial edema, autonomic nervous system disorders, sleep disorders and brain fatigue are relieved in a unique way, not only by hand but also by machine, using Kuzumochi lactic acid bacteria extract. At last, you will be given an additive-free lactobacillus beverage to help regulate your body from the inside.




▲Treatments are available by appointment only and are divided into several different courses. The treatment space is a private room where you can relax. Sources: BE:SIDE  

■Message from the shop

  Please enjoy the unique texture of Kuzumochi, which is made by lactobacillus fermentation, and try the treatment using the same lactobacillus, which is only available here. The staff is still learning foreign languages, but they are eager to help.

▲The shop facade, located in a quiet residential area and features a modern Japanese style. The terrace seating is very comfortable and recommended for relaxing.

■Location and contact information of BE:SIDE

3-14-6 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


   Business Hours : Sweets   11:00-18:00

           Treatment  11:00-21:00

     *Reservations are required for treatments, please check with the
shop in advance regarding the opening hours.

   Nearest Station : 7-minute walk from Omotesando station on the Ginza and Hanzomon subway lines