Look striking! Hydrangea spots in Tokyo

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    • 2024-06-12

Hydrangeas are flowers that give colors to the rainy season in Japan.
Now, we are introducing 5 places in Tokyo that are famous for hydrangea!

1. Shirayama Shrine

Shirayama Shrine that has 3000 hydrangeas is located at Bunkyo Ward where remains its traditional atmosphere. Now it's the best time to see them.

From June 8th (Saturday) to 16th (Sunday) 「the Bunkyo Hyhdrangea Festival」 is held, and there are some events many people of wide generations can enjoy, such as vending booths and concerts.

【Best time】 Early June-Late June

2. Sumida Park Ajisai Road

Ajisai Road is located near Asaksusa Station, along the Sumida River.
In a distance of 2km, 10000 hydrangeas bloom out.

You can take photos of the Skytree with hydrangeas!

【Best time】 Mid June-Late June

3. Asukayama

After going out of the central gate of Ouji Station of JR Keihin Touhoku Line, you can find 「Asukayama Park」 where is famous for cherry blossoms.

This season, seeing hydrangeas are is recommended. At the side road of 350m from the beside of the railroad tracks to Kaminakazato Station, 1300 hydrangeas bloom out which makes a photo spot you can enjoy the collaboration with trains.

【Best time】 Mid June-Late June

4. Showa Kinen park

At 「Showa Kinen Park」, the large park located at Tachikawa, about 9000 hydrangeas with 60 varieties are grown, and many events are held according to the blooming period of hydrangeas.

It is also said that they also lend you umbrellas with motif of hydrangeas that fit to admiring hydrangeas or taking photos.

【Best time】 Mid June-Early July

5. Hydrangea spot, a little far from the city center

Kamakura Hasedera (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Hasedera at Kamakura is a famous place of hydrangeas in Kanto.

At the walking path, as known as 「Ajisai Path」, about 2500 hyydrangeas with more than 40 varieties are planted.

【Best time】 Mid June-Early July


So, we introduced 5 famous spots of hydrangeas.

At many places the best time is mid June-Early July, so please enjoy the hydrangeas scene if you visit Japan on this time!