An elaborate Shark burger made by former Sushi Chef at Shibuya is delicious!

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    • 2021-05-21

If you are looking for stylish shops, you will meet many if you walk around Shibuya.

However, there are only few shops that are stylish, new, delicious and original at the same time.

This time, we will introduce a restaurant where the manager, himself being a former sushi chef in Tsukiji, is particular about the menu, such as "Fry fish that are tasty if eaten raw", "All additive-free," and "Sauce and dressing are both handmade.".

Such a shop opened near Yoyogi Park, ten minutes and a little away from Shibuya Station.

It is "PESCARICO", a Fish Burger specialty-store.

At first, it was thought to be serve mainly take-out customers, but it became popular and now dine-in accounts for fifty percent of their revenue.

First, the exterior is cool.

It is a stylish shop just like a cafe or a cake shop with nice atmosphere.

I was looking at it for a while, but there were many ladies with fashion style matching up the style of the shop.

The hurdle was pretty high for me who has no connection whatsoever with style, but since I had a strong appetite, I entered the store vigorously.

And I went inside.

It was a pleasant space with pristine white-based color just like its exterior.

Let's also note that the staff were all wonderful, fitting the atmosphere.

They are elite staff hired among many applicants by the owner, based on the concept of quality and variation, to ensure that there is at least one person who fits any type of customers.

There are even some customers who would come regularly just to see them. (LOL).

Now, as for the order, if you open the menu to order "Shark Burger" which is already popular on the street, oops.. there are many many choices.

Shark, turbot, tuna, horse mackerel, salmon etc.

Your favorite Fish Burger set, with a side menu you can choose, complete with a drink for around 1,500 yen.

I felt like my brain was something like a fish tank with fishes swimming inside, but in the end following my first idea, I decide to order a shark burger.

Now, the shark burger set was put in front of my eyes. Dynamic, and seems to be quite fulfilling.

By the way, I have been mentioning sharks all the way, but no worries, the ingredient of this shark burger is made from sturgeon, not like those real sharks.

Sturgeon is like the father (mother?) of the high-quality seafood caviar, and it is not a kind of shark but actually a freshwater fish of the Acipenseridae.

They have kidneys and all waste products are excreted from their body, so they dont have any particular smell, therefore a great choice for to cook seafood.

Here we go. Let me try.

The ''shark'' meat will attract our attention first, but we will also find that there are a lot of vegetables there.

I squeezed the fried ''shark'' and vegetables into a square bun, and ate it all.

This is super delicious!

The texture of the fried shark is light resembling chicken rather than fish and together with fresh vegetables, they make an exquisite harmony.

The homemade sauce and dressing also taste delish, with not-so-thick flavors.

Anyway, we can feel that the good quality of the material is used carefully.

One more dish!

The picture above is flounder burger set menu, also a popular menu.

SNAP, this is really delicious again!

Light fried flounder, crispy vegetables, and slightly spicy sauce give it an acquired taste.

As follows, other than this, there are tuna, mackerel, salmon and other fish on the menu.

All the menus are made with a special arrangement that you can eat each ingredient most deliciously, which only the manager of a former sushi chef who knows all about fish can provide, which made me want to challenge all the menus.

Another factor that gives you butterfly!

This is a cup of the drink for the set menu, there are 4 designs that makes you want to take home without thinking.

We don’t know which designs they will bring, depending on the stock, so let’s complete it by going many times! Lol

Why don’t you become a regular and touch the best selected taste, stylish atmosphere, and the comforting smile of the staff?


■ Hamburgers、Cafe、Sandwich

■ 050-3177-2800

■ 9-5 Kamiyama-Cho Shibuya Tokyo

■ 15mins walk from Shibuya Station/15 mins walk from Yoyogi Uehara Station/683m from Yoyogi Koen Station

■ [Mon~Fri] 8:00~22:00  [Sat・Sun・Holidays] 10:00~22:00

*While the emergency measures are declared, Open all day until 20:00(L.O19:30)

■Irregular holidays