The most beloved snack in Japan ・ Umaibo Part2(Arrangements)

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    • 2021-07-16

Umaibo is a snack that was created in 1979 by Yaokin Co.

This stick-shaped snack has been loved by many Japanese people from adults to children for a long time.

Last time, we have introduced the 3 most popular products, so this time we want to introduce arrangements.

Since Umaibo is often sold in bulk packages, many people buy their favorite flavors in bulk. 

While regular customers, who buy in bulk, experiment with many original flavors, they also try more variations of their favorite flavors.

There are some very interesting Umaibo recipes that have become popular, but here is a very simple one.

【Takoyaki flavor+Mayonnaise】

Let's start with a simple but very tasty way to eat it: just put mayonnaise in the hole.

Mayonnaise seems to go well with all flavors, but here we chose "Takoyaki flavor".

As we have already introduced last time, this product has an elaborate and rich flavor ("adding sauce and after baking adding sauce again"), so just adding mayonnaise is enough to make it delicious.

Yeah, it's delicious!

By adding the taste as well as the moistness, it taste more and more like "Takoyaki".

You can fully enjoy the change in taste by just adding mayonnaise.

It's a very simple arrangement, so it's worth to try other flavors as well.

【Corn potage】

This is also easy.

Crush the corn potage flavored Umaibo in the bag with your hands and put it into a bowl.

The trick is to mash it as finely as possible, which will greatly affect the finished product's texture.

Add milk and put it in the microwave at 600W for about 1 minute.

Mix it and it's done.

It tastes good and it's good way to get calcium easily.

The trick is to adjust the amount of Umaibo and milk according to your own taste preference.

You will soon be able to master the balance of flavors to your taste.

I wanted a rich flavor, so I used two Umaibo.

You can crush a part of it coarsely and add it to the soup like croutons.


I could have gone with any of the flavors, but I chose Mentai flavor this time.

Same as the corn potage, crush the bag with your hands.

Since rice is the main ingredient, it will be the best to mash it as finely as possible.

Just sprinkle it on top of the rice, but it tastes even better if you add sesame seeds and dried bonito flakes.

It's definitely delicious.

The toppings you can add will give you a wide range of options.

This idea is especially useful when you don't have much time to cook or when your stock of ingredients is scarce.

【Umaibou bread roll】

This time I will use the nori-salt flavor.

Finely chop the cabbage, add the crushed Umaibo and mayonnaise, and mix it well.

Put the mixture between the bread roll slices.

I tried it right away.

The nori salt flavor goes well with the cabbage.

I think you can create a rich breakfast with Umaibou for only 10 yen.

It's not only quick and easy, the portion size is also perfect as breakfast or as a snack.

This time I have introduced a simple arrangement, but Umaibo fans all over Japan have quite fancy recipes. Certainly give them a try.

By the way, the latest ranking of the top 10 is as follows:

【Umaibo Popularity Ranking】

1st  Corn potage flavor

2nd  Mentai flavor

3rd  Cheese flavor (4th place last month)

4th   Takoyaki flavor (3rd place last month)

5th   Sugar rusk flavor

6th   Chocolate

7th   Vegetable salad flavor

8th   Natto flavor

9th   Salami flavor

10th Teriyaki-burger flavor

(Minna-no-ranking/ updated on July 1st)