A day trek to Mt. Rokko, about 40 minutes by train from Osaka, empty-handed!

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▲Nunobiki Falls. The one on top is called "Ontaki" (Male Waterfall) and the one bellow is "Meotodaki" (Couples Waterfall)  Source: Kobe City Economic and Tourism Bureau Tourism Planning Division

About 40 minutes by train from Osaka, there is Mt. Rokko, a popular place for mountaineering enthusiasts in Japan. This time, we will introduce trekking methods and highlights that you can enjoy empty-handedly getting in touch with nature, while on a day trip, among a variety of courses. This is our suggestion for a new experience, recommended for those who are used to sightseeing in Japan.

Here are some easy trekking methods and recommended courses.
■"Trail Station Kobe (Treco)", a service full of options that allows you to trek empty-handed
"Trail Station Kobe" is located inside Shin-Kobe Shinkansen Station. Even for those who suddenly want to trek on a whimper, they make it easy to move large trunks, and provide a wide range of support, from luggage storage to gear rental, as wells as trekking course consultation.
・Easy trekking service ①・・・Trekking equipment rental

You can rent the gear necessary for trekking, such as mountaineering boots, stocks, backpacks, and rainwear, from 550 yen (including consumption tax), and the resident staff kindly advises beginners on how to use it. Please contact in advance to find out what gear you can rent. In addition, rented gear must be returned during business hours.

・Shoes with a wide range of sizes among rental equipments

▲High-cut mountaineering boots for those who prefer hard trekking (left, middle) Low-cut mountaineering shoes for light trekking (right)

 Even though it says light trekking, it is dangerous to use ordinary shoes or sandals, so use these mountaineering shoes rentable for 550 yen. Depending on the route you will be walking, you can choose from two types, low-cut and high-cut, and depending on the type of shoe, sizes are available from 22.5 cm to 29 cm. Please bring thick socks when trekking, they are also sold in the shop.

Easy trekking service ②・・・Trekking goods for sale

Trekking requires not only gear, but also much needed food, insect repellent, sunscreen, and mountain climbing maps. They also sell other goods that are useful or fun for trekking. Please be sure to bring food and water with you!

Easy trekking service③・・・Luggage storage and trekking route guidance
  Luggage can be stored for 550 yen per piece, regardless of size, including large trunks. In addition, experienced staff will teach you the recommended routes for trekking free of charge. The shop also organizes tours and events.

■The best of trekking Mt. Rokko・・・Let's go see Nunobiki Falls in the best season of April and May!
 Nunobiki Falls is one of the three major sacred waterfalls in Japan, with four waterfalls, including the 43-metre-high "Ontaki" (Male Waterfall) and "Mentaki" (Female Waterfall). The best seasons are the fresh greenery season in April and May and the autumn foliage season, and Shin-Kobe Station, where Treco is located, is also the starting point for various trekking courses. It is also easy reach the "Ontaki" waterfall , the farthest of the four, on a light 15 minute walk.

▲Free trekking course map from Shin-Kobe Station  Source: Kobe City Economic and Tourism Bureau Tourism Planning Division

▲"Kaze no Oka" Shiba Square Source: Kobe City Economic and Tourism Bureau Tourism Planning Division

 For a more thorough trek, there is also a course that goes around the "Miharashi Observatory" and the "Nunobiki Herb Garden" where the panorama of the city and sea of Kobe spreads out below from "Ontaki". Please ask the staff for details.

■Message to foreign visitors
 ・There are few places in Japan like the vicinity of Osaka where you can get in touch with nature right next to the station, so you can enjoy a light trek enjoying nature, in the meantime you wait for the bullet train. In addition, the full-scale course that traverses the Rokko mountain range about 56 km from east to west is also popular, and there are signs in English along the course, so you can trek with no worries. Please give it a try.

■Location of Trail Station Kobe (Treco)

  Address: 1-3-1 Kano-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-city   Inside JR Shin-Kobe Station    
※Business hours vary depending on the time of year, so please make sure to check it.