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Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, is famous as a sightseeing spot with many shrines, temples, and historical sites. What about shopping in your free time? In this article, we introduce suggested souvenirs of Kyoto, from famous department stores.

Takashimaya Kyoto Store in Shijo-Kawaramachi, the busiest shopping area in Kyoto
Suggested item ①: A taste of Japan's 4 seasons in a tea bowl
 ''Rabbit in the Moon Tea Bowl" by Reiko Ogura, 7,150 yen

(Prices include consumption tax, the same below) *The bowls sold change depending on the season.

Whether you are a tea ceremony practitioner or not, you can casually experience the Japanese tea ceremony with a cup of matcha tea. Get a tea bowl for yourself, take a look at the images on the bowl, and enjoy tea time, with your favorite beverage. The tea bowls are decorated with pictures of each of the 4 seasons in Japan, so we suggest this as a souvenir from your trip to Japan.

・Suggested item ② Lacquerware passed down through generations: Lacquerware Asobe Oryoki Bowls

▲''Lacquerware Asobe Oryoki Bowls'' 5-piece set, 8,800 yen each

Kyoto lacquerware has a 1200 year history. Oryoki bowls have been used at Zen temples, inns, Buddhist vegetarian cooking, and chakaiseki (tea ceremony dishes). To make this traditional form more accessible and affordable, it is made of crushed natural wood powder and carefully finished with genuine lacquer. The minimalist design of this bowl is a vessel of functional beauty and traditional beauty that will not fade away even in the modern age.

Suggested item ③ Historic Kyoto ware and Kiyomizu ware "Hekiyo Ishigama''

▲Top left -Sea play pattern small teacup 17,600 yen, top right -Meisai Small Teacup 17,600 yen, bottom left -Meisai Gui Teacup 16,500 yen

Bottom center - A cup of sake with a small pattern of peonies 16,500 yen, bottom right- Red cat with peony pattern 16,500 yen

As your interest in sake grows, the next thing you'll want to have is a vessel to enjoy the taste of sake. The tableware introduced here is Kiyomizuyaki from Kyoto and is popular for its delicate painting on the surface and inside of the vessel. They can be used for a variety of dishes in addition to sake, and their affordable price and small size make them ideal for bulk purchases as souvenirs!

■Daimaru Kyoto store near popular Nishiki Market
・Suggested item ① A must-buy, the popular Kyoto-only Male Blanche "Tea Snacks".

▲8 pieces of tea snacks, 1,200 yen

This thick tea (matcha green tea) langue de chat is made with carefully selected Uji matcha green tea from Uji, Kyoto. The langue de chat is crispy and very tasty with rich milky white chocolate in between.

・Suggested item ② Kayo Kobo "non-drip soy sauce jug", popular among chefs

▲There are 2 types of soy sauce holders: round (left) for 4,400 yen and bell-shaped (right) for 4,950 yen, each in yellow, orange, or blue.

Being able to pour from a single drop, it prevents from dripping too much, just the necessary amount, so it does not spoil the flavor of food making it ideal for reducing salt intake. The soy sauce jug is thin and made of hard glass, which is rare in Japan, and can be boiled or heated in a microwave oven. A great item, not only limited for soy sauce, but also for olive oil, vinegar, etc.

・Selected item ③ Yojiya "oil blotting paper" is very popular among women.

▲''Oil blotting paper'' 5-book set, 1,960 yen, standard

 Oil blotting paper was first sold in the 1920s, and its effectiveness in absorbing excess sebum without removing makeup is said to have developed a reputation among women in Kyoto's Hanamachi district and people involved in the movie industry. It used to be larger in size, but it is now palm-sized and easy to use and carry. Recently, it is also popular among men.

■JR Kyoto Isetan directly connected to Kyoto Station
Selected item ① ''Kyoto Gion Anon" Anpone, monaka wafers made by hand, by yourself.

▲5 Anpone (grain)1,836 yen

 Exquisitely flavored confectionery that you can sandwich and eat as you like. The red bean paste is made from azuki beans grown in Tokachi, Hokkaido, and cooked slowly, and the homemade cream is made of mascarpone cheese. The best way to enjoy it is to cool the jar a little.

・Selected item ② Only available here, the evolved Japanese confectionery "Umezono snacks'' Mitarashi Butter Sandwich

▲Mitarashi Butter Sandwich 5 pieces 1,350 yen - please store it in the refrigerator。

A store famous for its Mitarashi dango has created a new souvenir. This Japanese confectionary consists of butter cream with a hint of sake flavor and crispy baked cookies with sweet and spicy sauce sandwiched in between. It tastes even better when eaten chilled, and is available only here.

Selected item ③ Kyoto-limited ''HENRI CHARPENTIERHANARE-'' Matcha financier Tenho

Matcha financier Tenho 10 pieces 2,376 yen

With the cooperation of Mr. Genbei Higashi, a tea master with the highest level of tea judging skill, this financier is made from carefully selected Uji green tea "Tenho," which is the best Uji green tea for baked sweets among all the Uji teas in Kyoto. The rich aroma, flavor, and bright color of this delightful confectionery is best enjoyed by baking it in a toaster oven for a few minutes. The package is decorated with a "Knot" that expresses the wish that feelings will be united.

■Location of stores in each department store
Takashimaya Kyoto Store 6F
  Daimaru Kyoto Store Basement 1F Mare Branche, 1F Yojiya, 4F Kayokobo
  JR Isetan Kyoto  B1F