A Baumkuchen museum in Kyoto: atelier Kyobaum

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    • 2024-05-25

 Here are some new ways to enjoy sweets in Kyoto. It is a confectionery museum that opened at the end of last year, where you can see the manufacturing process of the popular confectionery "Kyobaum" from Kyoto, eat sweets limited to the store, and experience making baumkuchen. It is als nice that it's close to downtown Kyoto.

Let's take a tour of the museum, which consists of three floors!
■Recommended sweets at the 1st floor shop (1) ・・・ Limited edition product "Kyobauum Hojicha Flavor" that can only be found here nationwide

 A limited edition item that is also popular with young people! It is a three-layer baumkuchen made of carefully selected Kyoto ingredients, and the contrast between the roasted green tea dough and the soy milk dough is very beautiful. The moist and fluffy baumkuchen baked in layers and the roasted fondant (sugar coating) on the outside play an exquisite harmony in your mouth.

■Recommended confectionery at the 1st floor shop (2) ・・・ Standard popular product, limited box "Kyobaum"

 Sticking to ingredients from Kyoto, "Kyobaum" uses Uji matcha and soy milk. The soft baumkuchen has a slight aroma of matcha, and it is very delicious with a modest sweetness. The manufacturer's name sticker is also attached to the inner packaging, and you can feel the commitment to manufacturing. "Kyobaum" can be purchased at other stores, but the packaging box with a refreshing image is a limited edition item only at this store.  There is also a "Kyobaum Mini" that is perfect for trying out "Kyobaum" and for snacks and souvenirs to give out.

■Confectionery workshop "Kyobaum Lab." on the 1st floor shop

 You can purchase while watching the pastry chef make various sweets by hand. In the showcase, sweets that can only be bought here such as the basin soufflé, which are focused on matcha, are lined up.

■Mini factory on the 1st floor shop: A hands-on class where you can bake a cylinder of baumkuchen and take it home.

 You can experience baking a cylinder of matcha minibaum for a fee. One cylinder baumkuchen is baked in the oven while attaching dough to an iron core and it can be taken home. Advance reservations are required for the experience, and there is an age limit due to the high temperature of the oven. (At the moment, only Japanese is supported.)

■2nd floor factory tour passage: A factory tour where you can see the manufacturing process of Kyobaum up close

 You can see the process from the baking of a single baumkuchen to the packing of the box with a lot of live feeling. When you see how each craftsman carefully bakes the baumkuchen, you can feel once again the commitment to manufacturing.

■3rd floor Kyobaum Cafe・・・You can taste baumkuchen baked at the factory.

 The café's recommendation is the "Kyobaum Plate" where you can simply taste the Kyo Baamu baked at the factory that morning. If you taste the matcha-flavored baumkuchen with fresh cream, the sweetness will increase subtly, and it will be exquisitely delicious. In addition, you can also enjoy the marriage "Kyobaum Rich Plate" with various flavors in a sandwich such as framboise sauce and matcha gerard, which can only be tasted here.

■Message to guests visiting Japan
At "ATELIER Kyobaum", you can experience "seeing", "tasting" and "learning", including a tour of the production scene of baumkuchen. Please spend a relaxing time while feeling the commitment to manufacturing. The store consists of three floors, and is colored with a world view inspired by Kyobaum. Please enjoy shopping for various sweets such as this store's limited edition products as if you were walking along the path of sweets. Tax exemption is also available.

Location of the shop
   Address: Kyoto-shi, Minami-ku, Nishi Kujo Takahata-cho 1
   Nearest station: Kintetsu Kyoto Line Jujo Station 10 minutes on foot