Save on Shopping with a Guest Card (5% off) -For International Visitors to Japan-


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Mitsukoshi Isetan
Kanto Tokyo
Period of use
2022-02-16 09:00 - 2099-01-01 00:00
Place of use

Isetan Mitsukoshi Group will issue a "Guest Card" that allows international visitors to Japan to enjoy a 5% discount on purchases. Guest cards are issued at the duty free counter at all Isetan Mitsukoshi Group stores.

*A passport is required for issuance.

【How to pay by using a guest card】

Cash / personal credit card / personal UnionPay card / Alipay / Wechat Pay

*The card of another person can't be used.

*The guest card can be used only by the cardholder. It can't be used by others.

*The name on the guest card, credit card, UnionPay card, and passport has to be the same. (If the applicant's identity can be verified, the tax exemption can be granted. In case of discrepancy, tax exemption is not possible.)

【Eligible for】 International visitors to Japan

*Status of residence: Temporary Visitor

【Products that are not eligible for preferential treatment】

・Products with a unit price of less than 3,000 yen

・Sale items

・Expenses for food, restaurants, cafe's

・Service costs such as shipping, processing, and repair costs

・Photo studio, beauty salon, barbershop, beauty salon, etc.

・Various gift certificates, gold, silver, bullion, game consoles, JTB

・Some brands are excluded *Please ask the staff for details.

・List of Excluded Brands: Rolex, Hermes, BVLGARI, Carter, Tiffany&Co, Leica, PatekPhilippe, VanCleef&Arpels etc. Please note that there may be additional products that are not eligible for the discount.