Delivering attractive products and experiences from all over Japan to guests visiting Japan! Special Sales Event "Department Store × Local Attraction"

Campaign Introduction
Events offering "local specialties" and "special experiences" are held at department stores nationwide. Traditional crafts and specialty products unique to the region will be introduced, with the artisans who make them invited.

It has been about a year since international tourism in Japan resumed.

Retailers throughout Japan are making various efforts to sincerely welcome and enjoy the increasing number of guests visiting Japan.

As part of such efforts, department stores nationwide have once again decided to hold special events offering "local specialties" and "special experiences" as special events.

Traditional crafts and specialty products unique to the region will be introduced, with the artisans who make them invited, and plans will also be prepared for visitors to participate in hands-on experiences unique to the region.

11 department stores across Japan will hold events in succession starting in December, so please don't miss it.

Minamata Japanese Black Tea the Big Four Fair

Duration: Feb 21 (Wed) to Feb 26 (Mon)
Venue: Tsuruya Department Store Main Building, B1 Central Event Space

Japanese black tea made in Japan's climate and natural features is characterized by less bitterness, a faint sweetness, and a gentle texture. The Minamata/Ashikita area accounts for 70% of the prefecture's share. Four companies that have won numerous awards and are known as the "Four Kings of Japanese Black Tea" will be holding a tasting and sales event! Enjoy comparing Japanese tea drinks.

During the event, "Japanese black tea lectures" and "Talk events by tea producers" will be held.

・Date: February 23 (Friday, Public Holiday)
・Time: 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM (Approximately 30 minutes each session)
・Venue: Main Building, 1st Floor Satellite Studio
・Capacity: 10 participants per session
・Participation Fee: ¥1,500 (Includes one bag of Minamata Japanese Black Tea from each of the Big Four)
・Application Deadline: February 22 (Thu) or until all spots are filled

Don't miss the chance to join this workshop and indulge in the world of Minamata Japanese Black Tea!

Takamatsu Mitsukoshi

"Spring Hokkaido Local Products Exhibition"

Duration: February 21 (Wed) to March 6 (Wed)

Featuring a wide variety of items ranging from bento and side dishes to seafood and sweets. This exhibition allows you to savor the charm of Hokkaido while in Kagawa Prefecture.