[Matsuyama · Okaido 2-chome] Honesty

Shikoku Ehime
Tsuruya Building 2F, 4 of 4 2-chome Okaido, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime, 790-0004
3 minutes' walk from Okaido Station
Business hours
Monday  20:00-02:00
Tuesday  20:00-02:00
Wednesday  20:00-02:00
Thursday  20:00-02:00
Friday  20:00-02:00
Saturday  20:00-02:00
Sunday  20:00-02:00
Closed Day:Irregular off days Irregular off days, please confirm in advance.
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Phone number
Store types
Restaurant / café

· Hiroshima's beer stand and Shigetomi Jikiden style [pouring beer]
· Ehime's fantasy beer [Maruefu]
We will serve and pour according to your choice.
· Ginza Rockfish, Maguchi Shisho Respect's Vintage Kakubin [Highball without ice]