Hassho Nishijin Store

Kyushu Fukuoka
Romanesque Nishijin, 5-1st floor, 4-6-6 Nishishin, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka, 814-0002
3 minutes walk from Nishijin Subway Station
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Restaurant / café

You may enjoy authentic Okonomiyaki from Hiroshima in Fukuoka.
All seats are arranged with griddle and other heating equipment so that you can taste hot okonomiyaki
directly with a spatula in Hiroshima-style.
The high-volume okonomiyaki is carefully grilled using authentic techniques and a super thick iron plate.
Enjoy as much as you want various natural original flavors, tastes of texture, and aroma which are delivered directly
from Hiroshima raw noodles, carefully selected local cabbage prepared in each season, thin bean sprouts,
green laver with preeminent aroma, color and flavor, over 2L of fresh large eggs as well as elaborate ingredients and freshness
Moreover, you can enjoy famous Sujipon (fibrous beef with ponzu vinegar) in small bowls, cooled fresh preeminent Extra Cold (draft beer),
high-quality Kamoizumi sake from Hiroshima (Junmai Sake), and shochu liquor from each region of Kyushu and another meals together with Okonomiyaki.