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Kanto Tokyo
2F Sanshin AL Building, 1-8-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061
2 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line "Ginza ichome" station, 4 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line "Kyobashi" station, 5 minutes walk from Toei Asakusa Line "Takaracho" station, 6 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line "Ginza" station, 7 minutes walk from JR Yamanote Line "Yurakucho" Station
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Monday  11:00-20:00
Tuesday  11:00-20:00
Wednesday  Closed
Thursday  11:00-20:00
Friday  11:00-20:00
Saturday  11:00-20:00
Sunday  11:00-20:00
Closed Day: Wednesday
During the period of Golden Week, the shop will be closed on May 1st - 5th and will be opened as usual from May 6th.
Extraordinary operating hours
2021/05/01 Closed
2021/05/02 Closed
2021/05/03 Closed
2021/05/04 Closed
2021/05/05 Closed
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"Favorite Stone" is a jewelry shop that welcomes you in superb shine.
We only want to provide you jewelry that will capture your heart. The staff at our store is strictly selected and everyone is a gemologist (GIA GG, FGA). We have unheated ruby and sapphire, large emerald and tanzanite, popular Paraiba Tourmaline and jadeite supported by persistent fan. You can even find Rare Stone that can not be found at other jewelry store.
You will fall in love with these jewelry even just by looking at them. And the point of low price is that the items occupy 90% of our shop are "used".
Feel the history of the jewels traced and read the story in the design. While respecting of them, it has been re-polished and sometimes modified to give it a delicate finish unique to Japan.
There will never be two stones that are exactly the same, please experience the unique encounter at our store.

※Our shop accepts payment by Alipay.

Selected information 

【Favorite Stone】Amber/Aquamarine/Emerald 21ct Brooch/Pendant head


A powerful and unique jewelry, as if amber is entwined with an ancient undulating trunk. The rugged ...

【Favorite Stone】 Dialose 0.630ct Trilliant Cut Loose


A trilliant cut diamond that has a beautiful and strong brilliance created through straight line lap...

【Favorite Stone】Rubellite 2.73ct necklace


Rubellite is a glossy, pinkish red colored precious stone. The word is thought to come from the fact...

【Favorite Stone】 Ametrine 11.63ct ring


It is a mysterious crystal that combines the hopeful morning sun and the gift of darkening light at ...

【Favorite Stone】Ruby 1.402ct Ring


Did you know there are rubies that shine as if burning when exposed to the sun? There are gems with ...


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