Shinjuku Takano Main store Fruits gift and original food

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Shinjuku Takano Main Store building, 3-26-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0022
1 minute from East exit of JR Shinjuku Station
Business hours
Monday  10:00-20:00
Tuesday  10:00-20:00
Wednesday  10:00-20:00
Thursday  10:00-20:00
Friday  10:00-20:00
Saturday  10:00-20:00
Sunday  10:00-20:00
Closed Day: January 1 / October 10 ◆Notice of change in business hours of the Shinjuku Takano main store ◆
【10:00 AM ~ 8:00 PM】
 B1F・Takano Fruit Gift
 B2F・Takano Original Food & Gift

【12:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM】
B1F・Takano Fruit Salon(Last Order - 5:30PM)
 ~Business hours in November~
  21(Sat.) 22(Sun.) 23(Mon.) 28(Sat.) 29(Sun.)
  21(土) 22(日) 23(月) 28(土) 29(日)

【Direct Line for Each Floor】
 B1 Floor |03-5368-5149
 B2 Floor |03-5368-5151
Extraordinary operating hours
2021/01/01 Closed
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Store types
Food store
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◆B1F Fruit Gift Floor
Fruit gift advisors will properly guide you, from gift sets to home goods, such as how to eat delicious seasonal fruits, how to determine the best timing to eat, combination of wrapping and gift.

【Muskmelon Specialty Shop】
This muskmelon specialty is like a crystal that has collected Shinjuku Takano's commitment and expertise.
We provide only the highest quality of muskmelons and they will be ready to eat on the purchased day or a few days after purchase.
Shinjuku Takano’s Muskmelons pursue the perfect shape, scent and taste suitable for the best gift to express sincerity of the sender.

【Fruit Salon Juice Bar】
The salon operated by the fruit parlor offers fruits in various ways.
We also hold some events such as culture classes and tasting sessions.

◆ B2F Original Food & Gift Floor
We have various goods at our shop including limited cakes, bread, salad and so on.
Please enjoy the original menus derived from fruits that can be offered only by our specialist shop.

【Original Dessert Section】
Our sweets such as jelly, jam, compote, juice, baked sweets, etc.
make use of the freshness of seasonal fruits,
and a variety of ways to taste and types make the fruit lovers happy.
We suggest a revolutionary form of personal gifts to give sensibility by assembling these original products according to customer's wish.

【Cake Section】
We offer products that are particular about fruits
from cakes using seasonal fresh fruits to decorated cakes with a plenty of fruit,

【Delica Section】
We have fruit salad with making the most of the fruit and Takano`s original fresh salad with seasonal ingredients.
Fresh ingredients are cooked on the B4 floor and finished in the side kitchen.

【Bread Section】
We have a variety of bread centered our recommended melon bread, fruit flavored bread, or pastries making good use of the fruit texture.
Please enjoy different freshly baked bread depending on the time from our bread factory on the B3 floor .

【Tea Section】
We have been offering carefully selected tea for over 30 years,
and we have a variety of tea from different areas
such as Darjeeling or Assam directly imported from India
and our original flavored tea according to the season.

【News Shop】
You can experience delicious, fun, happy, and recommended products and also enjoy tasting products at this section.
Enjoy different themes every month.


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