Kibi Service Area Inbound in Sanyo Expressway

Chugoku Okayama
705-1 Imaoka, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama, 701-1204
Business hours
Monday  00:00-00:00
Tuesday  00:00-00:00
Wednesday  00:00-00:00
Thursday  00:00-00:00
Friday  00:00-00:00
Saturday  00:00-00:00
Sunday  00:00-00:00
• Facilities: Restaurant, food court, shopping corner, and information booth
• We also have a gas station.
Phone number
Store types
Rest area / roadside station
Products handled
Toys / Games
Books / Stationery

We have a wide selection of souviners and food stuffs from Okayama that show off why Okayama is considered the "Sunshine Prefecture."

Picture ①: Kibi Service Area scenery around the shops
Picture ②: Sawa no ramen
Picture ③: Kibi Katsudon
Photo ④: Kibi service area (Inbound) Restaurant Prawn Set


Credit card

  • VISA

  • Master

  • JCB

  • All kinds of credit cards

Facility services

  • FREE Wi-Fi

  • Foreign staff

  • Parking lot