Where are you going this spring? 3 recommended cherry blossom spots in Tokyo to enjoy more than just cherry blossom viewing

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    • 2024-02-10

As the cherry blossom viewing season approaches, many may be wondering which one to go in Tokyo.

In this article, we will introduce 3 recommended cherry blossom spots out of the many spots in Tokyo, where you can enjoy not only cherry blossom viewing, but also have an additional experience!

Nakameguro: Cherry blossom spots along the Meguro River

The Meguro River, one of the most popular cherry blossom spots in Tokyo, has about 1,350 cherry trees along the river, for about 7 kilometers, from Ikejiri-Ohashi to Tennozu.

During the cherry blossom season, fancy restaurants along the Meguro River put stalls out. There are various menus that are not available at usual stalls, so this spot is recommended for those who like food crawling.

At night, the bonbori (paper lanterns) along the river are lit up, so you can enjoy the illuminated cherry blossoms, which are different from those during the daytime.

【Best time to see the cherry blossoms】
Late March - early April
This date is the usual best time to see it every year. It may change depending on weather conditions.

Train: 1 minute walk from Tokyu Toyoko Line's Nakameguro Station

Koto Ward: Oedo Fukagawa Sakura Festival

The second recommended spot is the "Oedo Fukagawa Sakura Festival" held in the Fukagawa area of Koto Ward. One of its features is that you can enjoy the cherry blossoms not only by walk, but also from a man driven Japanese-style boat.

(※Japanese-style boat ride requires reservations in advance)

Also, in the Fukagawa area, where the Oedo Fukagawa Sakura Festival is held, the Edo period long "Fukagawa Meshi" is made by simmering green onions and raw clams in miso paste put over hot rice. It's a famous dish, so why not enjoy it along with cherry blossom viewing?

【Usual event period】
Late March - early April

Train: About 3 minutes walk from Toei Oedo Line's (or Tokyo Metro Tozai Line) Monzen-Nakacho Station


The last we would like to introduce is "MIDTOWN BLOSSOM" held near Roppongi Midtown.

There are about 140 cherry blossom trees along the road, and cherry blossoms bloom by the areas around commercial establishments such as Roppongi Midtown and Roppongi Hills, so you can feel the spring from a stroll before or after shopping, or from some of the restaurants inside the building.

MIDTOWN BLOSSOM will also have an outdoor lounge where you can enjoy food and drinks surrounded by cherry blossoms and spring flowers during its period, so it may be a good idea to check out the event info for the year.

(The photo is from the 2022 event)

【Best time to see the blossoms】

Mid-March ~ Mid-April
This date is the usual best time to see it every year. It may change depending on weather conditions.

Train: About 3 minutes walk from Nogizaka Station, directly connected to Roppongi Station


What do you think of these 3 recommended spots?

There are many cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo, so if you choose a spot with an exclusive experience, such as one of these, maybe you can have a more enjoyable spring.