You must go here if you a lover of Japanese subculture! Kyoto Takashimaya S.C "T8"

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    • 2023-12-19

Let us tell you appealing points of the "T8" which newly opens at Kyoto Takashimaya S.C. as the second round information is about shops which exclusively deal with arts, records, and fashion items that you can buy only here.

So, let's get start it!
■Art ・・・" nuunuKYOTO", a shop where you can encounter experimental works of artists.
Approximately 2,000 unique works of art by artists not only from Japan but also from overseas. In addition, there are also original items created in collaboration with artists and goods produced by the artists themselves.
What is exciting is that the prices of the artwork and goods are very reasonable. Come to the store with expecting to meet your taste works.

・Flavor of the works and artist. ①・・・ "Maeda Mameko (Mameko) ", an artist who command attention expanding the work place globally.

▲ The both of arts does not have titles. \4,400/each. (including the consumer tax. Price indication method of following are the same below)

The artist depicts plump figures with focusing on the beauty of the tension and wrinkles created by the stretching and contraction of the body. The humorous depictions of extraordinarily lovable and open characters are attracting people so that offers from oversea buyers has been inclreasing.

・Flavor of the works and artist. ②・・・"Nishiwaki, Tadashi" an artist who is born and raised in Kyoto.

▲ The title: "A person who wants to trade a cake for a meat" \8,800.

These works depict things that are impossible to happen things but seem like possible to make many people start smiling and then laughter a picture face, and recall it and smile over it. The indescribable sensation coming from the illustrations captivate people and has became popular. The works are already widely used in advertisements, goods, and LINE stamps.

▲ Each work is one of a kind so that there is out-of-stock probability.

■Record・・・The shops named as "Face Records", exclusively handles analog records of Japanese popular musicians where you can enjoy listening to the music with the best audio equipment.

The shop specializes in used analog records having about 10,000 pieces in total, which were gathered from not only in Japan but also from overseas, including Japanese City Pop and classic famous albums, rare items which record collectors have been looking for. In the shop there is a DJ booth and also "JBL" speakers with which you can enjoy good quality sounds and feel charms that the analog records have. The shop buys your used records after assessment at there by themselves.

・"Solid State Survivor" a globally popular Japanese group, named as Yellow Magic Orchestra.

Price of each record varies depending on the actual storage condition each record. So, ask the shop regarding particular price.

This is one of the great albums among the many other pioneering groups of Japanese techno music so that many inquiries come from overseas. The belly band on the records jacket and color of a record surface change depending on the time of release, which differences between the records amuses you not only musical entertainment but also artistic tastes. Why don't you amuse yourself by collecting many jackets with various belly bands!

・Japanese city pop famous album of an established artist Otaki, Eiichi, "LONG VACATION".

The album cover design, made in 1981, is amazing, and you can enjoy the music with vivid Japanese expressions, He is the musician with original view of the world for making his music, who makes one work and who is particular at fine updates when reselling.

▲There are JBL speakers on the counter that bring wonderful sounds.

Fashion・・・Shop "SUPER A MARKET" with attractive fashions selected from all over the world
A wide variety of items from casual ones to luxurious ones are in stock regardless of taste and gender, and those with high fashion consciousness will look forward to visiting the shop. In particular, there are plenty of brands that cannot be found at other shops in the Kyoto, Osaka area and Japanese brands that can be used in a unisex manner, and therefore they will be suitable for yourself or as a souvenir.

・"BODE", a very popular brand among fashion lovers in New York

Mini patchwork Work wear Jacket 300、300 yen

 Items like this are popular among fashion people all over the world as they can be worn nostalgically and in a unisex manner; it seems that few shops prepare products of this brand as sufficiently. Some products are sustainably treated with the use of vintage fabric, giving a lot of antiquity, which looks stylish and attractive.

・Northern European Brand "Bettina Bakdal" for one-of-a-kind products in the world

 Regarding the clothes made by a female designer from Copenhagen, they are produced by separating vintage scarfs into smaller pieces, then combining them with scarfs of different woven patterns, and cutting into the shape of clothes. These are excellent in terms of coloration and are all one-of-a-kind items, which are only available here. There is only one size available, and the products in this photo are both priced at 175、000 yen.

▲We also recommend Japanese-made original bags of "Aeta", arranged on the right-hand side of the shop's facade!

■Announcement from Kyototakashimaya S.C.
 In Kyoto Takashimaya S.C. "T8", there are 51 shops available, including shops that have made their first appearances in the Kansai region, Nintendo KYOTO as a third such shop in Japan, and local popular shops. Takashimaya Kyoto store, which is adjacent to this, is where you can shop, drink and eat for a wide range of items from luxurious brand-name products to foods and souvenirs in Kyoto, and is directly connected to Kyoto-kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu line, which will let you feel free to make a visit before or after sightseeing.

■Location of each shop
Inside Kyoto Takashimaya S.C. "T8"
35 Otabi-cho, 2 Shijo-dori Teramachihigashiiru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
"nuunuKYOTO"  4F
"Face Records"  4F