STEAM BREAD unveils delicately fluffy sakura loaf just in time for pink season

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    • 2022-03-09

Source: PR Times

Despite the blooms arriving a little late to their own show this year, nothing has stopped stores from leading the way for the arrival of 2022's sakura season.
As usual, the season has started off with various selections of pink drinks and treats (such as Starbucks’s revamped Sakura Frappucino, or Tully’s fun sakura season collab with Tom & Jerry) making their way onto the menus of coffee chains, restaurants and stores across the nation.

Joining in on the fun this year is STEAM BREAD, which, if the name didn’t quite give it away, is a brand that specialises in the production of steamed bread. This method involves steaming the yeast post proofing, and leads to a premium loaf of bread that is characterised by a soft, moist and chewy texture.
In celebration of the pink season, STEAM BREAD have unveiled a loaf inspired by Japan’s most popular floral season.

The combination of its pillowy soft and chewy texture seems to match STEAM BREAD’s sakura loaf perfectly with the dainty flowers it is based on.

The bread owes it’s gorgeously deep pink colour to western framboise liqueur and strawberry granule powder which have been mixed into the dough. In the centre a cherry-flavoured white bean paste fills the dough with spring-like aroma and taste.
All-in-all the concept, texture, flavour and appearance come together to form one of the best representations of Japan’s sakura season the food industry has seen.

So how can you enjoy STEAM BREAD SAKURA to its fullest?

STEAM BREAD recommends slicing to a desired size and heating in the microwave for 15 seconds at 600w for the most satisfying treat.

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