The world's first official brand “MUCHA” by Art Nouveau artist Mucha

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    • 2024-06-04

MUCHA, the first authorized brand of the Mucha Foundation, offers fragrance products and other miscellaneous goods inspired by the works of Alphonse Mucha, who represent the Art Nouveau movement.

For this article, we visited the store in Yurakucho, Tokyo.

Inspired by Mucha's Georges Fouquet jewelry store, the store is eye-catching from the outside with its beautiful museum-like design.

■Fragrance Products

Their most representative products that allow you to enjoy Mucha's world view through both the sense of smell and sight.
Especially for customers from overseas, they mention how different countries have different popular scents.

Eau de Toilette (95ml: 15,950 yen each including tax)

●Popular fragrance in Japan: Lily

Particularly popular among Japanese people is the refreshingly sweet lily scent. It is like being enveloped in pure lily flower.

●Popular fragrance in the Middle East: Camellia

Camellia, inspired by Mucha's popular work “La Traviata,” is a slightly exotic fragrance with a bitter-sweet note.

●Popular fragrance in China: Carnation

An unusual floral note with carnation in the leading role. A gorgeous fragrance that expresses the flower's floral language, “have faith in love".
This was a favorite of the JSN editorial staff!

●Hand Soaps

Fragrance Hand Soap (3,740 Yen, tax included)

Hand soap with a pleasant fragrance also makes a popular gift item.
Having a stylish hand soap like this on your vanity will enrich your life, wouldn't it?

■Sundries Items

Jacquard Tote Bag M (29,700 Yen, tax included)

The tote bag, one of the most popular sundries, is made of high-quality jacquard fabric and features the lily motif that Mucha painted so many times.

Gosai-ori Face Towel Four Flowers (4,950 Yen, tax included), Gosai-ori Hand towel Four Flowers (3,520 Yen, tax included)
Picture provided by: Mash Style Lab Co., Ltd.

The Gosai-ori towel series is made with the patented Imabari Towel technique. The beautiful design is the result of a combination of Mucha's work and traditional Japanese techniques.


We have introduced the world's first authorized brand of Mucha, which lets you fully appreciate this worldwide popular artist.
The brand currently has five stores in Japan with plans to expand in major areas in the future.
Please check it out when you visit Japan.

Facility Information:
LUMINE 1-1st Floor, 2-5-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo