Asked about the popular makeup brushes at the Hakukodo・Tokyo Minami Aoyama Shop, where they take pride in their large selection

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When talking about brushes, if you are looking for a 「tool」 that provides self-fulfillment in a quick and easy way, Hakuhodo develops a large number of them.

We visited the Tokyo Minami-Aoyama store, which boasts the largest selection of products among Hakuhodo's directly managed stores, and asked about particularly popular products.

■S100 Series Vermillion Handle

S100 finishing brush angled (19,910)yen, tax included), S110 cheek round flat (12,540 yen, tax included)

The S100 Series, the flagship of the wide variation developed by Hakuhodo, grasp the basics.
The particularly popular finishing brush is an item that is easy to use even for the last touches, due to wide contact surface that doesn't require laying down the brush when applying directly to the skin.

■Traditional makeup brushes

This line of makeup brushes makes the most of the traditional aspects of Japanese brushes when used with modern makeup.
The 「Yachiyo」 brush (pictured in the foreground), popular due to its beautiful shape, conveys tradition through goat hair and a bamboo turning handle made with Japanese wisteria.

The wide brushes (pictured in the background) that has been used for makeup by Kabuki performers or geisha apprentices maiko, provide uniformity and firmness when spreading the powder in a wide area.

■Even a brush with a Hello Kitty design

Hello Kitty Wajima lacquer mini brush (93,500 yen, tax included)

This wooden mini brush is lacquered with Wajima and a sprinkled picture (Maki-e) of Hello Kitty. It comes with plenty of brush hairs.

■A set of the fundamentals

A set of 10 basic brushes (44,220 yen, tax included)

A set of 10 basic brushes to finish your everyday makeup quickly, precisely and effortlessly.
With this set in hand, the basic makeup needs are surely covered.

【Set contents】J531, J6530, G5554, I5609N, I5522E, J133, I5564B, G5511, I525, I170N6B, N Soft Case MM Black

The Tokyo Minami-Aoyama store boasts the incredibly selection of products among the directly managed stores.
If you are planning to make your makeup debut in Japan, the store is a must-visit.

Facilities information:
Hakuhodo Tokyo Minami Aoyama store
Address:Tokyo, Minato-ku, Minami Aoyama 5-10-6 Terra Asios Omotesando 3F