It's true ⁉ that you can easily experience "Handmade Japanese paper" at a long-established store in Tokyo that has been around for 360 years.

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Ozu Washi, a Japanese paper specialty store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, which is lined with long-established department stores and commercial buildings, has a history of more than 360 years. At "Ozu Washi", you can experience the culture of handmade Japanese paper, a traditional Japanese technique that has been inherited for over 1300 years. You can experience it for as little as 500 yen each session. It is valuable to this kind of experience at a well-established store. It is amazing.

This time, we will try to make handmade Japanese paper and introduce its charm!


What is handmade Japanese paper?

It is one of the representatives of traditional Japanese culture, and as the name, is not a machine but a hand-made Japanese paper. Using traditional techniques with plant fibers as the main ingredient, craftsmen carefully make each piece. It is characterized by its strength and softness.

Handmade Japanese paper making process

1.Paper making

2.Decorate with 1

3.2 is dried and completed

Now, it's finally time to try to make Japanese paper.

Let's proceed to the "Handmade Japanese Paper Experience Workshop" on the 1st floor.

First, use your whole body to stir the paper material (the raw material for water and paper called "Kozo" added kneading) with a stick in water tank(called "Sukifune").

Next is the paper making work.

First, insert the tool-making girder perpendicular to the paper, then scoop the paper lightly, and discard it three times. Next, scoop up a large amount of paper and shake it back and forth and left and right.

The thickness of the paper changes depending on the amount of paper scooped and the speed of shaking girder.

The point is to spread the whole to make a uniform thickness.

If you try to strain with water by yourself, it is difficult to determine the timing to scoop up and throw away the paper ! Finally I did it well with the help of a papermaking instructor.

Next is the time for decoration. 

Design with your favorite pressed flowers, dyed mulberry, and colored paper. There are also gold and silver sand.

Dehydrate, stick on a heated iron plate and let dry for about 5 minutes to complete.

It was completed!

The instructor showed me the works of other experienced people. They are so good. Are they really beginners⁉ I'm completely defeated..

Impressions after the experience:

It was a very valuable experience because of experience traditional Japanese manufacturing and learning about the method and historical background of Japanese paper with fun. I felt a sense of accomplishment by seeing the finished product. The teacher will explain the traditional papermaking process and teach you, so even beginners and children can enjoy making it.

I thought it would not be easy to experience handmade Japanese paper, but this time I was very happy to be able to experience it casually. Through the experience, I felt Ozu Washi's desire to let many people know the goodness of handmade Japanese paper.

Two handmade Japanese paper souvenirs

After the experience, go to a shop where you can buy Japanese paper. Items collected from all over the country, such as accessories and miscellaneous goods made from Japanese paper, are available.

A popular product for foreigners is the stamp book.

There is also a kit, so you can make your own stamp book with your favorite Japanese paper and keep it as a good memory of your trip.

Choose your favorite from about 2000 kinds of handmade Japanese paper

It is also popular to decorate the walls of the room like a picture.

How was it? Why don't you visit Ozu Washi when you want to make precious handmade Japanese paper or Japanese-style accessories?

Ozu Washi Handmade Japanese paper experience workshop

Nihonbashi-Honcho 3-6-2 Ozu Main building 1F

☎ 03-3662-1184

Accept reservation minimum 1 pax, Duration about 60min, Experience fee(A4size) Japanese paper・Falling water paper 500yen/sheet, Designed Japanese paper 800yen/sheet

Weekdays 10:30~, 11:30~, 14:00~, 15:00~, 16:00~ (Saturday 15:00~)

※Designed Japanese paper will be held at 11:30~, 16:00~(Saturday 15:00~)