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Let’s look up. The Northern Japan Alps rises in front of you. Let’s hike in Kamikochi and enjoy magnificent scenery. Kamikochi is one of the most famous scenic spots in Japan.


Kamikochi is one of the most popular resorts in Japan where more than a million people visit every year. In old days, Kamikochi was written in Japanese which means “the place where the God descends” or “the place where you can meet the God.” The place was historically worshipped as a sacred place.

At the present time, the place has become a popular tourist destination considered as a health resort. This time we are going to take you through a hiking trail where you can catch a glimpse of “Kamikochi as a spiritual area.” This is a two-hour hiking course; starting from the Kamikochi Bus Terminal and turning around at Myojin Pond. You can avoid the hustle and bustle of a city. At the same time, the trail is easy to walk, not like climbing a mountain.

How do you access to Kamikochi? When is the best season to visit Kamikochi for sightseeing?


Kamikochi is closed off during winter; from November 16 to April 16 of the following year. It is designated by the national government as a Special Place of Scenic Beauty and a Special Natural Monument (Natural Protected Area.) As a natural conservation area, the area is closed to private vehicles throughout a year. You can drive as far as Sawando or Hirayu. You need to transfer to a public transportation there.

Regarding the best season for sightseeing in Kamikochi, you can enjoy new tree leaves coming out between late May and the beginning of June, blooming flowers in July and August, and gorgeous autumnal leaves in October. If you wish to relax, you may like to be there during the rainy season. The June precipitation in Kamikochi is generally not high contrary to expectations of many people. Also, fewer tourists visit the area during this month.
Kamikochi is a mountainous area located at an altitude of 1,500 meters. You should be careful of your clothing. It is vital to have outerwear which you can wear on top of another. Also, we recommend that you have rain gear. Further, it is important to wear comfortable walking shoes such as trekking shoes.

Taisho Pond reflecting the Hotaka Peaks on its surface, as if it were a mirror.

Let’s take the Alpico Kotsu Bus to the Kamikochi Bus Terminal which is the starting point of the hiking trail. After the bus passes through Kama Tunnel, which is an entrance to the Kamikochi area, Taisho Pond will appear on the left. Taisho Pond was formed during eruption of Mt. Yakedake on June 6, 1915, that dammed the Azusa River with a mudflow. Larch and others are submerged and decayed while still standing. These trees standing in the pond with exposed white bark add a special ambience to the scenery.

First of all, collect information at the Kamikochi Information Center.


Our hike will start here at the Kamikochi Bus Terminal. Before starting, let’s drop at the Kamikochi Information Center to collect information. The Center have various information about Kamikochi, such as about nature, mountain-climbing, transportation, accommodation and others.

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