Mini size snacks are cute! Popular Japanese snacks.

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    • 2020-06-14

We will introduce popular mini size Japanese snacks today, such as “Pucchin Pudding” and “Shrimp flavored Chips” that are perfect for those who have gained weight during quarantine or when you are a little hungry.


「Mini size Pucchin pudding」(Glico)

Do you know what the nationally famous jiggly pudding is in Japan? It’s Pucchin pudding! You can easily find this at any convenience store and grocery stores. The regular size one is 134 calories, but this Mini size Pucchin pudding is perfect when you want to eat something light on a diet.

We kept its good-old taste into this smallest pucchin pudding ever, so that you can easily eat it in one bite. We recommend you eat this after refrigerating it as a summer snack.


Since it is separately wrapped, you can share with your friends, and enjoy it anytime anywhere. We have the classic custard flavor and milk chocolate flavor which is new. These are not too sweet but mild. It is has a good shelf life of 181 days so you can bring it when you go on a trip too.


「Mini size Pucchin pudding」

Contents: 120 g (6 pieces)

List price: 168 yen (without tax)

 「Mini size Apollo chocolate」(Meiji)

Next up is mini version of the cute looking triangle Apollo chocolate. Taste is the same regardless of the size and the bitterness of chocolate perfectly matches the sourness of strawberry. One package is enough to satisfy you. We really recommend this to those who are on a diet.


We’ve got three different sizes. From the left to right, are mini size, regular size, and large size.


Mini size one looks about a half of regular size at a glance. So cute!

This is really tasty and cute so please try this.

Mini size Apollo chocolate

10 pieces

List price: 80 yen (without tax)

 「Shrimp flavored chips mini」

Last but not least, mini version of Shrimp flavored chips with the favorite phrase "Once you pop, you can't stop" and this has been everyone’s favorite since 1964. It has amazing taste and so much calcium because we use the whole wild-caught shrimp with its shell.


Although the package is about one third of the original size, the chips are the same size as the original ones.

You can feel the crispiness as you bite into it, it will satisfy with even the small portion.

Of course it’s perfect for snacking and because it is a small portion, it goes well with an evening drink.


List price: 93 yen (without tax)

48 g (12 g×4)

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How did you like these?

There are a lot of confectionery companies selling many types of mini size snacks. You may be able to find your favorite one!

Please check these out when you visit Japan.