Different from Taiwan? We visited the “eslite spectrum” in Japan

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    • 2020-01-23

About three months since the Taiwanese beloved "Eslite Bookstore" opened in Japan as "eslite spectrum nihonbashi". We have interview focused on the atmosphere of the store to popular products and experiences, and the differences from the shops in Taiwan. This is an adventure to the genuine articles that attracts both Japanese fans who know the classic bookstore and new fans of them.


“eslite spectrum nihonbashi” is located on the COREDO Muromachi Terrace in Nihonbashi, a town where the culture of old Edo still remains.

The bookstore / stationery zone, select miscellaneous goods / workshop zone, and the restaurant / food zone are divided into three categories and has about 100 Taiwanese and Japanese brands available. Noren are placed at the entrance of each zone, entering by the noren will lead to another shop or area.

1. Select Goods / Workshop Zone


There, go through the noren to the "Nijiyura". Take a look inside and you will find colorful Japanese hand towels.


Decorating the hand towel by framing it or in a hanging scroll is artistic and delightful.

Here you can experience hand towel dyeing. Take the chance to experience all the processes of "masking", "dyeing", "washing" and "drying" like a craftsman.


This time I am choosing a Japanese style pattern.


This time I am choosing a Japanese style pattern.

Now, the dyeing experience has finally started. This time I will be instructed by Mr. Kojima, who has a gentle smile. Do not worry even if you are clumsy with handcrafts. The teacher will teach you nicely.


The threshold is done with glue, and color it as if it were a coloring book.


Wash the stained cloth and let it dry. It’s done. This is my one and only towel.


There is also pineapple and mango pattern hand towels inspired by Taiwan. This product is unique to Japan's genuine life.


[Event schedule] Mon, Wed~Sun Time: 11:00~15:00~17:30~ 2 person each time

[Expected fare] 4000 yen per person (excluding tax) *Two hand towels (about 180cm) can be taken home on the day.

[Expected regular holiday] Every Tuesday *Please contact us for holiday schedule inquiries.

Reservation site: https://reserva.be/nijiyura_nihonbashi

Let us continue to the selected miscellaneous goods area.

We asked about the "Japanese Popular Goods" and "Taiwanese Popular Goods" popular in Japan...

No.1 Japanese Goods: Stationery with illustrated Machibikeshi (Town Fire Service Team)

Notebooks with illustrations of the fire service “Machibikeshi” in Edo-era are very popular. It is cute and cool at the same time ... A very cool choice and very Nihonbashi.


No.1 Taiwanese Goods: Pockeat environmental food bag

"The bag itself becomes the tableware as it is." With the uniqueness, this is the ultimate eco bag! Popular among Japanese customers too.


Both Japanese and Taiwanese items are being loved for being unique and playful.

2. Restaurant and food zone

Up next is the eslite spectrum market.


Popular Taiwanese snacks as well as healthy Taiwanese and Japanese food are available here all at once.

The popular Taiwanese product among Japanese customers!

Garlic Green Peas


The vivid garlic flavor is popular among Japanese customers and might even become addictive.

These two items are recommended as Japanese souvenirs

★Miso powder


It is heavy to bring home the Japanese miso, but this is light powdery product!

As a miso-flavored seasoning, can be added to steak and pasta replacing salt, you can even sprinkle it on vanilla ice cream.

Samurai SenbeiOkaki


You could easily fall in love with the cute package. This is a popular rice cracker shop in Hokkaido. Recommended for those who are looking for some slightly different souvenir.

3. Bookstore and stationery zone


There was a special Japanese corner where you can find the book of your choice while relaxing on the tatami.


At the selected books section, you will find both Taiwanese and Japanese selected books, as well as books on "Work Style Reformation" reflecting Japanese society and books on legalizing gay marriage in Taiwan.


There were also some impressive expressions of Japan and Taiwan by Taiwanese artists on the walls. It was a fun time to sink in books, touch the art, and forget about the time. (currently this project is over)


A photo of a lovely child taken by Kawashima Kotori

How do you find it?

“eslite spectrum nihonbashi” which adds the unique charm of Japan while retaining the spirit of Taiwan's elegance bookstore.

Why not check it out with your own eyes next time?

  • eslite spectrum nihonbashi

    • Phone: + 81-03-6225-2871

    • Address: 2nd floor, COREDO Muromachi Terrace, 3-2-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

    • Nearest stations: JR Nihonbashi Station on the JR Sobu Main Line, Mitsukoshi-mae Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line

    • Business hours: 10:00 ~ 21:00

    • http://www.eslitespectrum.jp/