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Let us go to Tokyo for this year's Spring Festival! Bet there are many people who are considering that. But where do you want go to among the many sightseeing spots? Shibuya is an indispensable spot for Tokyo sightseeing. Here are some places recommended by people who are used to hang out in Shibuya, where you can enjoy a fresh date. Shop, eat and experience it here! This is the new “Shibuya PARCO” where a “new culture” can be found.

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The “Shibuya PARCO” is a place where you can enjoy gourmet food in a space surrounded by music and culture! Enjoy shopping at Nintendo's first official shop in Japan the “Nintendo Tokyo”, and there is also a full-fledged Pokemon center with a permanent showroom store that displays unique digital product ideas. You might find yourself spending the whole day here.

Gourmet (eating) ~ "CHAOS KITCHEN"

On B1F you can find the "CHAOS KITCHEN", a restaurant floor with a mixture of restaurants and shops based on the concept of "food, music and culture".

Enjoy the pleasure of Japanese food, and you will surely be able to take some beautiful pictures!


The environmental design of the underground mall is done by the famous Japanese architect Mr. Sosuke Fujimoto. The ceiling and floor are made of mirror-finished materials, reflecting the lighting and facades from each store, creating the atmosphere of an Asian bustling street.


This time, the author, me who love and eat sweets every day, would like to introduce sweets that are “fun looking” and “great tasting” combining the AR technology♪ Made with selected materials and instagrammable. The sweets seem like magic.


There are five kinds of Magic Parfait® at Tyffonium Cafe, and the AR images changes into the beautiful night sky, the horror space depending on it. At first glance, the atmosphere of the cute parfait changes drastically, your impression of it may change as well when you taste it. This time, I am choosing the blueberry and red grape parfait “Twilight”.



Hold your tablet over the parfait, the AR images appear on the screen


Don’t you want to share this fun with your friends? There is also a "Tyffonium Chocolate" (4 kinds, 1,000 yen per box, excluding tax) available in the shop. You can easily experience AR with your own smartphone. When you read the illustration drawn on the chocolate with your smartphone, characters and messages will appear on the screen. Recommended as a souvenir.


Buy (shopping) ~ “Nintendo TOKYO”'

The must-see shop for Nintendo fans is on the 6th floor of Shibuya PARCO. The perimeter of the shop is glass-covered, and the main visuals like Mario, Incling, Shizue, can be found marching around the store. It is a long-awaited store with a permanent experience space for games, sales of character goods, game consoles and software. There are also Nintendo original goods that can only be found here.



The most recommended would be the “Nintendo TOKYO” series that uses the main visuals of “Nintendo TOKYO”. It is only available here. Nintendo's popular characters gather across all boundaries in this series. The large selection of apparel, stationery, sweets here are perfect for souvenirs!





There are "Super Mario Family Life" series and "Super Mario Power Up" series in which various forms of Mario are made into rubber key chains and stuffed toys.



Look (experiencing) ~ “BOOSTER STUDIO by CAMPFIRE”

The BOOSTER STUDIO provides chances for everyone to actually touch the unique products that have yet been distributed to the world, deliver impressions to manufacturers, and participate in product development.


One of my favorite products is Qoobo, a cushion-type therapy robot with a tail. Qoobo looks like a horseshoe crab at first glance, but the surface feels good and fluffy, the tail makes exquisitely cute movements. By holding it you will feel happy (it seems to be), and you will be soothed by the lively tail. If you leave it unattended (with the switch on, of course), you will be occasionally touched by the tail like it is saying "play with me". There are reviews concerning the motor noise, but it is cute and sounds like the sound from a cat’s throat.


Here is another interesting product. Don’t moms always wish for "I wish my husband could breastfeed the baby". This "FATHER'S NURSING ASSISTANT" is a product that allows men to lie down and breastfeed instead of their mothers, so men could be breastfeeding and laying down their children, could be a savior for mothers.

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Fun (enjoy) ~ Pokémon Center Shibuya

The Pokemon Center Shibuya shop is right next to Nintendo TOKYO. There is Mewtwo sleeping in the pod at the entrance, it will greet its guests with a great surprise.

This Mewtwo is a kind of attraction worthy of a Pokemon enthusiast who simply breathes life with animatronics technology and speaks with the same bitter voice as a movie. Cute characters and its worldviews are very popular with “instagrammers” as well!


 © 2020 Pokémon. © 1995-2020 Nintendo / Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.Pokémon, Pokemon and Pokémon are registered trademarks of Nintendo・Creatures・Game Freak.

The dream-like place where many Pokemon goods gather! In addition to the popular “Pikachu”, there is also a large collection of the popular Pokemon goods from the “Pokemon” series and has become a popular spot for Pokemon lovers.

Pikachu stuffed toys, mascots, skateboard decks, all of which are decorated with Number-D/Graffiti Artist will be released exclusively for Pokemon Center Shibuya.


 © 2020 Pokémon. © 1995-2020 Nintendo / Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.Pokémon, Pokemon and Pokémon are registered trademarks of Nintendo・Creatures・Game Freak.

One of the must-visit places in Tokyo!

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Spot name Shibuya PARCO

Address 〒150-8377 15 15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Nearest Station: Shibuya Station

Business hours: Product sales and service 10:00~21:00

Restaurant: 11:00~23:30

* Some stores may have different business hours.

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