Announcement of the winners of the "2023 Japan Shopping Festival" photo contest.

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Hello everyone! Thank you for participating in the <2023 Japan Shopping Festival> held from February 1st for a month.

The main event is a photo contest, and the theme for this time is "Your Recommended Japan". Participants chose either a product, a place, or a food and posted a photo on Instagram or Weibo. We received many wonderful photos from everyone. Thank you very much for your entries.

After careful consideration, the judges have selected 10 winners. Congratulations! Now, we will introduce the winning works.

We will continue to appeal Japanese attractive points on Japan Shopping Now. Please check it out when you visit Japan in the future.

<The Grand Prize>

⭕Title: My recommended spot in Japan - Shiofune Kannon-ji Temple Azalea Garden (Ome City, Tokyo)


This is a wonderful photo that conveys the dignified appearance of the Shiofune Kannon-ji Temple and the scale of its azalea garden. The histric temple is set against a mountain of red and pink azaleas in this shot taken with a pull. We have selected this photo as the winner of the Grand Prize as it captures the spring scenery of Japan perfectly. We highly recommend that you visit this place.

<Honorable Mention - Product Category>

⭕「Enjoy MISO」Tasting Comparison Set of Miso


*This work consists of multiple photo submissions, but only one photo is posted.

"Miso soup" is an essential dish on Japanese dining tables. There are many types of miso in Japan. This photo was selected as the winning photo because it shows various types of miso from all over the country, such as Kyushu and Aichi, which were obtained through the promotion prize. It is obvious from this photo that there is a wide variety of miso available in Japan.

⭕"Kokeshi can" from Miyagi Prefecture.


The "Kokeshi can" that contains a traditional kokeshi doll inside was selected as the winning entry because it is a unique souvenir. This is a Miyagi prefecture-specific souvenir, and we're curious about which type of kokeshi doll is inside the can. We encourage everyone to find unique souvenirs from the places they visit.

⭕"Neko cookies" from Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture.


*This work consists of multiple photo submissions, but only one photo is posted.

The post that introduced the "Neko cookies" with a photo and clear description, in honor of the Cat Day on February 22, was selected as the winning entry. Japan has many commemorative days such as Cat Day and Strawberry Day. If you come across unique souvenirs during your visit to Japan, please post them with the hashtag "@japanshoppingfestival".

<"Excellent Award - Location Category">

⭕Yushima Tenmangu Shrine (Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku)


*This work consists of multiple photo submissions, but only one photo is posted.

This is a post that was recommended as a way to enjoy spring in Japan beyond just cherry blossoms. While Japan is often associated with cherry blossoms, the Yushima Tenmangu Shrine holds a plum festival during the full bloom of the plum trees. As seen in the submitted photo, experiencing Kimono, Japanese traditional clothing with friends and taking pictures with the blooming flowers can leave a lasting impression. Japan has four seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter) and each has its own unique charm. We recommend visiting Japan during various seasons to experience its many charms.

⭕Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata Prefecture


*This work consists of multiple photo submissions, but only one photo is posted.

A photo of snowboarders relaxing with their friends amidst the magnificent, snow-covered nature. Perhaps they are taking a break after a run, or getting ready to hit the slopes? Try the many sports available in Japan throughout the seasons, from spring to winter.

⭕Kadokawa Culture Museum in Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture.


*This work consists of multiple photo submissions, but only one photo is posted.

The shot of a close-knit parent and child taken at the impressive bookshelf theater at the Kadokawa Culture Museum has won an award. The bookshelf theater houses approximately 30,000 books from floor to ceiling and is famous as a picturesque spot for photography. With manga available and enjoyable for children, it is a place hat parents and children will want to visit.

<Excellence Award-Food category.>

⭕Nanashigure, rainbow-colored seven-flavor ice cream from Otaru(Hokkaido)


*This work consists of multiple photo submissions, but only one photo is posted.

A piece with impressive rainbow-colored ice and a snowy landscape has won an award. While ice cream may be associated with hot summers, in Japan, where there are four seasons, ice cream is sold even during the colder months. Japanese furniture called "kotatsu" that is used to keep the body warm, and eating ice cream in a kotatsu is also delicious. We would like to continue introducing information about Japanese culture and the daily lives of Japanese people, so please keep checking Japan Shopping Now.



*Although the posting was in video format, it is now posted on this site in photo format due to site specifications.

A video capturing the masterful craftsmanship of a Japanese sushi artisan in a sushi restaurant has won an award. In this video, the delicate skills of the sushi chef are highlighted as he deftly handles the fish. While sushi can be enjoyed in restaurants around the world, as the submission suggests, please witness the artisan's skills firsthand in Japan, where the fish seems to be moving as if still alive.

⭕Kaiseki cuisine (Tokyo)


*This work consists of multiple photo submissions, but only one photo is posted.

The post that provided a detailed explanation of "kaiseki cuisine" has won an award. With comments and multiple photos, we feel the love for Japanese culture. What kind of Japanese food do you like? In addition to kaiseki cuisine, there are also regional dishes (traditional dishes of each area) in Japan. We hope you will enjoy a variety of meals in the places you visit.

That concludes the introduction of the award-winning works. There are many other wonderful posts besides the winning ones. Please follow "#2023JSF" and check them out.

We will be sending attractive prizes to the winners.

Click here to see the photo contest and prizes.

To ensure that you have a delightful trip to Japan, we are also planning another campaign in the 2023 fiscal year. Please check out Japan Shopping Now and our official social media accounts, and participate in the next campaign. We hope you will look forward to the Japan Shopping Festival in the future!